Removing the first panel on the bottom of this Ultrabook is pretty simple, one screw and you're done.
Not being satisfied with only removing the small panel on the bottom, I proceeded to remove the entire bottom of this unit.
As far as serviceability goes, the Samsung Series 5 is one of the easier notebooks or Ultrabooks I've ever taken apart. Once you remove the bottom panel you can easily access the hard drive, memory, and CPU fan (in case it needs a cleaning).

Most companies go out of their way to make servicing Ultrabooks tough so that when then break (hopefully many years down the road), you have to take them back to the manufacturer for service.
Most other Ultrabooks do not let you access these components this easily (or not at all in some cases).
You are going to want to be careful doing this as there are a bunch of plastic clips that hold the bottom cover on and if you get too carried away you'll snap them off. This is not the case for Samsung with this model, chances are good if your local repair shop can get the part, they can easily repair this unit for you, or if you are the type that doesn't mind pulling apart a laptop, you can easily fix anything yourself.

This is a huge bonus as chances are good, down the road, you might need a little more storage space or a little extra memory, both of which can be easily upgraded without a huge headache.

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