The MetroPCS LG Esteem will be available for $249 after a $100 mail-in rebate, through January 1, 2012.
I believe there is a point at which a phone running lte has to have good hardware, i mean i see lte as being great on running netlix, playing online based games, browsing the web, all of which would be a hassle on this phone since the hardware will be slowing it down. The LG Imprint with its unassuming pocket-sized exterior has what is required to get you through your day. QWERTY keyboard for easy messagingLarge, external QWERTY keyboard slides out to let you fire off messages, emails, and contact lists with the greatest of ease.

Compact, stylish sliding keypadA miniature keyboard lets you type and text at lightning speed-then conveniently slides away to keep your phone looking stylish and compact.
Whether you are snapping pictures or browsing the web, backing up contacts or paying bills, the LG Imprint will impress you with solid and practical features. You can hook up to a PC desktop or laptop to access music and games, print pictures, transfer contacts, and more. A year ago lower end phones had 1ghz processors, and the phones with less were from even earlier back.

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