Cricket Wireless has announced today that they are expanding existing Cricket international calling plan with unlimited calling to mobile phones in Mexico. Cricket international calling options also include the Unlimited Int’l Long Distance plan that comes with unlimited calling to landlines in over 90 countries and unlimited messaging for $10 per month. The Mexico Local Number option for $5 per month includes calling a local number in Mexico to connect with a Cricket phone in the US and not being charged for international calling. The Global Local Number option for $10 per month includes calling a local number in one of more than 40 countries to connect with a Cricket phone in the US and not being charged for international calling.
The Global Plus Bundle option for $15 per month provides global local number, 500 voice minutes of international calling to landline numbers and 30 voice minutes of international calling to mobile phone numbers. Also, on September 16, which is Mexican Independence Day, Cricket stores across the country will be offering free calls to Mexico during the all day. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network overhauled its prepaid plan offerings. Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO Ting has announced that their customers on Sprint’s CDMA network will no longer have international roaming.
Cricket Wireless today announced that it has added data roaming in Mexico and Canada and a new 4G LTE smartphone, Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3. TracFone owned Simple Mobile that operates on T-Mobile network has made some changes to its unlimited nationwide and extended international plans.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today improved its prepaid international offerings by adding new add-ons that include calling nine new countries. AT&T today announced that its prepaid GoPhone customers will be able to use their data in the Mexico and Canada just as they use it in the US, starting August 21, 2015.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced that it will add unlimited calling and texting from Mexico and Canada to the US to its $50 Smart and $60 Pro unlimited plans. FreedomPop, a freemium data-only Sprint MVMO that's been in business since 2012, is running a new promotion. While HTC was already on the fast track to dropping market share in 2012 thanks to Samsung, the battle didn't seem quite so over as it does now.
The whole One series did - HTC's market share continued to plummet worldwide, and profits began falling.
HTC's strategy was really to let the One series speak for itself, and on the eve of the single largest marketing barrage for a smartphone that wasn't an iPhone to date, that turned out to be an extraordinarily bad call. And with that push, Samsung reached a milestone no Android OEM had before: mainstream recognition.
According to comScore, HTC slid to 10.2% of the smartphone market in the US in Q42012, a number that has fallen every quarter for the last year plus. The amount of smartphone market share up for grabs is quickly shrinking - there is an ever-smaller slice for other OEMs to fight for as Samsung and Apple account for more and more sales. What's worse is that there isn't any real reason to think this trend will be bucked any time soon. The fact is, there are powerful forces at work here, and all of them want to control the "Not Samsung" piece of the Android pie.
Clearly, this is HTC's strategy: it's releasing the One before Samsung will have the S IV on sale, on more carriers than ever before (minus Verizon in the US, which is a concern), and has made it clear that marketing is a real priority. Let me put it this way: HTC's real problem isn't in getting people like you or me to geek out on ultrapixels or dual front-facing speakers. Ad 4: They tend to overprice the internal storage a lot, so those models with more storage probably have bad quality-price ratios.
Ad 5: What breaks is usually the screen, so as long as it isn't extremely fragile I don't care about unibody sturdiness. Newsflash: the average consumer (which is what this entire article was talking about) doesn't give a shit about a single one of those things you just mentioned. I agree but how many times does the average person ask those who know about phones what phone they should get? Thats like saying you wouldnt recommend an iPhone because it doesnt have removable batteries or microsd cards. So if there are only htc with no micro sd and removable battery and iphone to choose from, htc for the win :) iphone is at the bottom of my choices.
I don't know how the updating process is done on an HTC phone these days but surely other brands have a notification system for a new OTA update ?
I think the Reason that Samsung has been so successful is more than just advertising, but shying away from the carrier exclusivity. If the One ends up being a popular phone, Verizon will STFU and just carry it next time without any complaints, and HTC will gain marketshare at that point.
Except Verizon keeps repeating its same mistakes of not carrying some of the better flagships, or they have HTC released a Droid exclusive just for them, months later. The point is, HTC is ahead in some important aspects, come March 22nd, they will have 2 1080p, quad-core devices with 2GB of RAM on every carrier in the US before other manufacturers have even gotten their first 1080p phone out the door.
We can all agree that Verizon is the absolute best when it comes to bastardizing flagship Android devices. Still better than the 2020 on the DNA and the 2100 on the GS3, and my DNA lasts me all day so 2300 is definitely not bad when you consider it has a more efficient CPU in it. This killed HTCs branding strategy last year where if you were on a carrier with an HTC One S, or One V as its exclusive you were clearly getting something inferior to the One X.
That's the message HTC has been trying to sell us for a couple years now: differentiated software is better than timely updates, slimness is better than battery life, fashionable design is better than upgradeability. I would say that is mostly true, most people don't care about updates or don't even know their phone can be updated. As for sense being ugly and instead being pure android (aosp), I disagree, simply because not everyone hates HTC Sense (I myself enjoy the widgets and the overall Sense launcher).
The last generation was mostly Samsung dominating because of the brand recognition from the previous generations, making them truly mainstream. Yeah, HTC Sensation, LG Optimus 2x, Sony (E) Xperia Arc (???), those are GSII Rivals, which then left to the dust by their own manufacturer. Also despite all those plasticky cheapo feel complaints everyone always said to bash Samsung, my friend's GSII still looked like a new device because she used silicon case all the time (which I belive many people did too). And on the Sensation thing, if HTC keep doing the same thing like it did to Sensation, made another version of One with One XE, One XL, One XXL++++++++, every other month, I doubt they will go anywhere. Nice as some of the "One" features are, people want a device with staying power as the greatest tech is useless when a bettery goes flat. I hope it's a success as I'm all for healthy competition and liked my Hero when Android was a fledgling.
Having used an HTC phone since before android (HTC Pure anyone?) then followed up with a G1 and Desire HD, I've spent the bulk of my adult life with an HTC Cellular device, that said I'll not be buying this nor any other HTC Device. The camera will confuse, granted but if the quality is up there expect to see a lot of focus on reviews on the amount of noise.
If I'm ever going to be trapped by a weather storm, the power cut and all that, I would charge my spare batteries in advance and ready to go. I hardly care about the material quality used for the shelling, as long as it is not garbage, and the design. Performance is very impressive but the same Qualcomm SoC will also be used by other manufacturers soon enough. I give HTC One credit for having the full 2GB of RAM instead of something like 1.75GB, as they have almost done cuts with all their phones to save money. I agree about material and exterior: as long as it isn't, say, pink rubber, and as long as it doesn't break, I couldn't care less. Enter your email address to get updates Sign up By entering your email address and submitting this form, you agree to receiving information, offers and promotions regarding Verizon Wireless products and services. The new Unlimited International Long Distance Plus plan will be available in Cricket stores, online and select dealers from September 15, 2013 for $20 per month. The carrier has introduced new Unlimited Plans that join features from the two previously available set of plans, Unlimited Nationwide and the Extended International plans.
The reason for this is that Sprint, which provides Ting’s CDMA service, has recently turned off CDMA international roaming. Simple Mobile doubles high speed data on the $40 nationwide plan, which now includes 4GB of high speed data instead of 2GB and adds international features (calls, text and data from Mexico and unlimited international calling to mobiles in Mexico, Canada, China and India and other landline destinations). However, unlike T-Mobile and MetroPCS that have allowed this feature on all data plans, GoPhone adds data roaming to only $60 plan.
Starting August 2, 2015, Cricket customers on these two plans will be able to call and text from Mexico to US, while calling and texting from Canada will be added sometime during August.
One of the issues it is facing is YouTube's complaint that the "Un-carrier" mobile was throttling all video services on its network even though YouTube isn't part of their Binge On program. For a limited time, if you can bring your own phone to FreedomPop you can get unlimited (VOIP) talk and text and 1 GB of data per month for free. Particularly, convincing consumers that they want a 4 megapixel camera, and to ditch their traditional icon-laden homescreens for a Flipboard-meets-Windows-Live-Tiles information feed.
The Galaxy S III is just a rumory twinkle in the collective eyes of the tech world, and we're on the brink of HTC's launch of the original One series at MWC.

The One series was HTC's chance to take Samsung down a peg, not by just doing something better, but by doing something different.
HTC was buried under a galaxy of Samsung billboards, commercials, print ads, and media attention.
There is no doubt at this point that the Galaxy S IV is the world's most anticipated smartphone not designed in Cupertino. And unlike Samsung or Apple, HTC is not a wealthy international supergiant with a marketing budget to match - they're a white label manufacturer gone brand-name, trying to emerge as a recognizable mark in an increasingly cutthroat market. The Galaxy S IV will almost certainly be the most popular Android phone to date, and sliding stock aside, Apple's next iPhone isn't likely to be a surprise failure. LG, Google (and by relation, Motorola), and Sony all enjoy greater brand recognition and financial resources than HTC. Even if those things are great, they don't do much good if you can't convince the average person that they want them - success is far from guaranteed. They are going to have a hard time especially if Samsung really comes out with another solid product in the s4. HTC took down the sites that had their name and were look-a-like to their official website, nothing against custom roms or dev's.
I agree micro-sd's would be nice, but they're making up for it with 32 and 64 gb versions without the partitions found on the One X which basically left you with little storage, so storage wont really be an issue.
Part of their uni-body design method, though I myself did enjoy the removable batteries, but uni-body makes the device feel better to hold and tougher to break. They claim updates are now gonna be faster since their updates now are not gonna be full roms shipped to the carriers to bloat and lock down.
If Samsung has a similar phone with the same internal memory for the same price, but *with* a card reader, you can save € 200 by buying the 16GB model.
Not only that, but as a tech guy I'm the one they're all running to when they need help, so I will rather recommend a phone that's more flexible, easier to deal with, easier to modify if needed and easier to return to stock without a trace if it has to be returned for repair. That allowed Samsung to compete head to head with apple (which is also not a carrier exclusive anymore). Like I said, it's not impossible - the One could turn things around for HTC, it's undoubtedly the right strategic move.
I'd be willing to bet that Verizon declined the One because HTC didn't want it to have a different name.
The average Joe doesn't take the time to look at specs and see that one phone is actually the same as this other phone with a completely different name. The Droid DNA is kinda like a super-powered OneX, that previews of what a flagship phone is in 2013. My DNA has wireless charging so I get to use the beautiful Nexus 4 orb charger, can't do that with the One, and my DNA has a slightly larger screen, and I strongly prefer the red and black aesthetic. If (with Verizon it is always if) the DNA gets a Sense 5 update, it will be the best of everything.
Though marketing has a lot to do with HTS's lack of success, the carrier exclusivity was also a main reason. If you remember they did play with carriers to give them de facto exclusives with the Galaxy S Captivate, Galaxy S Vibrant, Galaxy S Epic, etc.
So the One S was clearly worse than the One X with nothing to sort of make one interested in it, while the Galaxy S III was on the same carrier and was a way better phone than the One S and superior enough to the One X that it wasn't worth switching for.
The carriers want the exclusive phones, and the carriers are the manufacturers' main customer.
Don't these companies get that we want custom android and updates as soon as they come from google. You know, like all of their Thunderbolt owners who just received the update to ICS nearly 2 years later? The RUU that leaked out in August was a functional one, with data and wifi issues, but it still worked and I used it as my daily driver for a good few months, and I know HTC had to have those bugs fixed long before Verizon finally sent out the damn update.
For HTC to turn the tides they would have to bring out a phone that grabs people's attention again. The replaceable battery is a big plus for Samsung as well as a card slot - both missing from the HTC. Now I'm on my third Samsung and there's nothing much that could tempt me away from my Note II.
The hardware seems great, but software is a pretty key differentiator once you really start using a device. HTC has to market this effectively though to break down the barriers that consumers assume bigger is better. Spare batteries offers the best practical solution which I can say from nearly 18 months experience. Dropbox can back-up my files so that I can use them when my phone breaks down, so I don't need a card for that. I wouldn't like to have to buy several batteries *and* a loose-battery charger for my Galaxy Nexus.
Accessibility, Privacy, Maintenance, Cost, and the lack of accountability of the solution providers. It will include unlimited calls to landlines in over 90 countries and unlimited messaging in addition to a new feature, unlimited calls to mobiles in Mexico. Their customers that use GSM-based service on T- Mobile network will not be affected with this change and therefore, when customers are somewhere out of the country, they will be able to use their phone but will be charged Ting’s regular GSM roaming rates. In addition to 4GB of high speed data that customers will be able to use in these two countries at no additional cost, users also get unlimited talk and text from the US to Mexico and Canada as well. Customers can now use talk, text and data included in their international plans in Mexico as they would do it in the US. The initial response at large seems to be that HTC is finally being bold in a way that's causing people to take notice, by taking risks. The problem is that, in my mind, these bets may end up as 'too little, too late' in the markets HTC needs to tear from Samsung and Apple's grasp. IDC figures put HTC below Samsung, Apple, Huawei, ZTE, and Sony in terms of worldwide device shipments - positioning them at less than 4.3% of handsets sold. Meanwhile, Google's unlocked Nexus value proposition actually seems to be gaining some traction, while Sony and LG are pushing with all their might to become relevant players in the smartphone space. With the right marketing (read: good and pervasive), wide critical praise, and a preemptive availability strike, HTC might be the underdog to root for this year.
When my phone drops, the flexibility afforded by the looser shell and the back cover that always comes off may make it *less* quick to be damaged.
HTC is finally following suit and shying away from being a carrier exclusive and making the flagship available to as many people as possible. Let's say 3 guys, A, B, and C, are talking about phones, and A has a One on AT&T, B has an S3 on T-Mobile, and C is up for an upgrade on Verizon. Quad-core CPUs, 1080p screens, 2GB of RAM, those are the 3 top features I expect all flagships to have this year, and look, the HTC One has them. The the HTC One and Droid DNA have a nearly identical design language in terms of shape and the curve of the back and around the corners. I just hope HTC doesn't make the same bs claim they did with Sense 4, claiming older hardware "couldn't handle it". But they did it in such a way that people didn't say they had a "Captivate" or "Epic" they would say they have a "Galaxy S". The One X had its own problems with it competing on a carrier with the best phones on the market (iPhone, Galaxy S III, Lumia 920).
However you occasionally have a product like the Galaxy S that has big enough mindshare and demand that the carriers have to listen to their customers instead of desire for exclusivity. I also agree that people who actually care about Android as a platform are most likely the minority, which can probably be said about just any platform out there.
As Sense 5 does seem lighter and more 'plain' looking, the lack of 3D style images and Sense elements should improve, according to HTC, the overall speed and smootheness of Sense, therefore pleasing many people like me who love Sense but hate lag. I got into the android market with the galaxy spica, just before the 1GHZ phones started comming out.
A lot of people argued that the HTC was the better phone because "better" build quality and Samsungs horrible update schedule. Even google decided in the end the galaxy S was almost a year ahead of the Desire by basing their next phone on the Galaxy S.
But the GSII is still being sold and is remembered as an all time great, while HTC decided that they should take a different direction with their next phone. Makes them exited and sets it apart from the competition like they did with the Touch HD and the nexus one. With the current generation of phones, HTC loses out to Samsung on so many points, I lost count.
Portable batteries are only a second best solution which I only would consider it if only I knew I would be away from a power socket for more than a week in advance. For a high quality shell, such as this, most people would buy a case to protect it by which the quality and design of the phone becomes very irrelevant.

As to the repair guy touching your files, you can put them on a password-encrypted volume on your phone. Instead, a mobile charger can easily contain 5 or 10 times as much charge as an internal battery. If I was charging the mobile battery then I need another three hours to charge the phone's battery too.
As Ting notes on its official blog, their customers can now call family and friends in more than 150 countries at cheaper rates. In addition, Cricket customers will be able to purchase a new Alcatel OneTouch IDOL 3, Cricket exclusive smartphone online and in stores for $149.99, starting November 6, 2015. America Movil’ CEO Daniel Hajj has earlier announced that “people from TracFone will roam also in Mexico”, in the similar way as their postpaid Telcel customers in Mexico roam in the USA with new “No Borders” (Sin Fronteras) Plan.
And while I'd argue that the Galaxy S III was a faster phone with more features and functionality, the One X was a very competitive piece of hardware. In the US, HTC does basically zero advertising on its own, leaving that to its carrier partners.
HTC needs to win right now, or it will be doomed to die a slow death in the "Other" sections of these charts. I actually kind of expect it to be - it's an intriguing design, and it looks like HTC has done some legitimate innovating this time around. Although we are a small percentage, I am sure our opinions help shape a sizeable chunk of the market. Both are beautiful devices, and both have top-notch hardware, and they had that hardware before anyone else in the game. Hopefully this new move will help them, and I trully hope it does, since I have always been a big HTC fan! It also helps that Samsung can afford its own advertising, and isn't dependent on the carrier to push their phones. Look at LG's horrible track record, Samsung with the Stratosphere and Charge, as well as the motorola phones that were more than capable of running ICS.
Unfortunately companies don't seem to care about their true fanbase and just cater to people looking to buy whatever everyone's talking about, since that typically makes more money for them.
Instead of getting rid of it, it is better to have optional launchers on the Play Store for those who dont like the Sense launcher. But, as some of their customers say in the comments below their blog post, not all Ting international calling rates have been lowered; some have been increased too.
Simple Mobile is a TracFone subsidiary so hopefully we can expect that other TracFone owned carriers as Straight Talk, Net10 and Page Plus Cellular will also gain this feature soon. That's how Verizon and Sprint get away with the 'EVO' and 'DROID' brands - they foot the ad bill and provide premium retail placement in exchange for bespoke hardware. It's about building a great product, telling everyone about it (and why it's great, and different), and getting it on the right shelves at the right time.
Chou is ready to bet the company on his product - he may need to, if HTC is to remain a company worth betting. Most of my friends and family come to me because I'm techie and I steer them in one direction or another. If you travel a lot, you cant update your songs if your iphone is sync with only one pc left at home. Removable battery is a very handy feature for people who are traveling a lot and can't charge their phone everywhere. Just look at how Samsung has failed so badly on its promise of wireless charging for the GS3. Asus does a better job at releasing updates than anybody, too bad they don't have much focus on phones, especially in the US. We were all actively seeking for the fastest phone, comparing "smoothness" and being convinced every new phone would be the phone that would outperform the iPhone.
Samsung was now considered by the public as a manufacturer to rival Apple, while HTC was just meh.
However, the phone does need to have a lot of internal storage space for me not to care about the lack of a card reader. Under this report, they have evidence of Binge On throttling all videos streamed by users.In order to obtain the results, the EFF performed some tests using a phone with a T-Mobile network and a strong 4G LTE connection. AT&T does something similar through device exclusives (see every Sony Android phone in the US ever except the Xperia Play). But I'm afraid that this is the kind of breakout innovation HTC needed last year - before the Samsung marketing machine unleashed its Galaxy S III blitzkrieg on the world. Because these things matter to me(lack of SD card, non-removeable battery), I wouldn't recommend this phone and they, in turn, wouldn't buy it. It is not for you hahaha i have had iphones and i know how time consuming it is to use iphones. There are lots of launchers to choose from, and more will be made, so you have many options if you love everything about the HTC One but dont like Sense.
When the plan's balance, drops below $2, FreedomPop with automatically top up your account by $15. The 300–unit plan includes a combination of up to 300 total voice minutes or text or multimedia messages sent or received. By the way, i am here to read bout htc's features but the lack if sd card and removable battery options mean i wont be recommending this device. Memory is cheap for the manufacturer; but, alas, they all try to milk internal storage for 10x what it costs them, so the main problem with no card reader is that the phone becomes much more expensive, bringing the quality-price ratio down a lot.
And to top it off you don't need to turn off your phone and pry it open when you run out of power: you simply ship out your mobile charger and attach the cable.
On its testing, the EFF was able to discover that all video streams were being throttled by T-Mobile to a speed of around 1.5Mbps.
If you are a current FreedomPop customer and that link redirects you to your FreedomPop dashboard, log out of the dashboard and try again.
You can hold both phone and charger in one hand if you put the charger behind the phone, if needed. Current customers also need to use a different email email address each time they sign up for a new account as FreedomPop only allows one phone per email address. A $75 deposit is required, the deposit will be refunded if the phone is returned in good condition.All RingPlus' plans are ad sponsored.
Nevertheless, given the choice, I prefer having a replaceable battery, especially if it should break down or deteriorate severely. This even included the streamed and downloaded videos that were planned to be viewed at a later time.
And judging on the results, the EFF found that T-Mo's Binge On program does not even change videos served to its users in either option.
When a user hears an offer of interest to them they can press the five key on their phone and get a text message or an email containing a coupon or additional information. What the carrier does was to slow down the turnout to 1.5Mbps instead of lowering the video's quality or adapting to it. Another discovery made by the EFF was that the connection on downloads that weren't video content were still slowed down by the carrier. This was something T-Mobile attributed to looking into files more deeply than what HTTP headers could and could detect video-specific attributes without looking into the content. When presented with the report, the carrier confirmed that it does not optimize video streams beyond lowering its bandwidth.
The carrier says that it depends on how the video provider responds and serves content given its reduced bandwidth. And if the provider is unable to adapt to this, the video becomes stuttered on the user's end. In theory, T-Mobile's Binge On program does seem great and all; especially if you like to stream video content on your device. But with Binge On automatically enabled for users, it poses a problem with those who do not want to use the program, particularly for those who prefer watching videos on YouTube other than the providers that have partnered with Binge On.With all that's going on with Binge On (an FCC inquiry, YouTube's complaint plus today's EFF report), T-Mobile needs to respond to this as soon as they can. The best way T-Mobile can appease their users is to offer Binge On as an opt-in service instead of an opt-out.
While this may seem simple, it could do a lot of good for its users since not everyone wants to avail it. Perhaps this would also lessen the number of criticisms they had to face regarding this issue.

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