Meanwhile, if the word FREE is what you’re looking for, then you would not go wrong with the Maxis ONE plan, which offers free surfing time as well as unlimited calls and texts to all networks, all for RM128 per month. You get free call minutes and SMS too with DiGi’s plans with the amount depending on each plan. If the lowest device price is what you’re looking for, then check out Celcom’s plans which offer the iPhone 6 from just RM418 while the iPhone 6 Plus is going from RM768. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will hit stores nationwide on November 6, with official prices starting from RM2,399 and RM2,749 respectively.
On top of that, they have also upgraded their MaxisONE Share supplementary lines with a new DataPool feature. To recap Maxis’ latest offering, their MaxisONE Plan now comes with up to 20GB of data per month. For greater control, the principal line can manage how much data quota each supplementary line gets from the Maxis App. Instead, principal subscribers of Postpaid 48 and above can register additional Digi postpaid lines underneath them.
U Mobile has also extended its Hero Postpaid plan extra 8GB data offer until 31 December 2016.
Please also provide the comparison with perspective with simple charts, feeling dizzy already. For me Celcom is the best because you can carry over unused data from previous month up to 5 Gb. Can I say that Value for Money, best plan for light Data and Call users is still U-Mobile Plan RM28. UPDATE (101130 2100) : Broadband Pricing Comparison in Malaysia updated with Maxis iPad Plans. UPDATE (101120 1230) : Broadband Pricing Comparison in Malaysia now with Yes data pricing including rebates. Recently after the appearance of yes 4G rates, everybody gets cost conscious all of a sudden about Broadband pricing. Since cost per GB is a hot topic now, we figured why don’t we compare all broadband offerings in Malaysia and find out how much they cost per GB.
NOTE: So far we only considered plans either postpaid or prepaid that offer monthly access. We do admit that it is unfair to compare cost per GB across the board as there’s an obvious differentiator when it comes to application.
Do drop us a comment or feedback if we left out a plan or if you spot any mistakes on the table.
With the 7 days trial periodic , you are promised that u may return the devices and cancel the plan if you are not happy with the speed. So, after all the hoo-hahs and hype, it’s time to sit back and digest all the facts that have been given.
From the chart, I can conclude that YES 4G is meant for light to medium bandwidth mobile users. The issue now is that who are willing to forgo their current handphones and smartphones just to enjoy YES 4G.

Still, YES 4G is cheaper in certain ways but becomes more expensive when the data usage goes up.
I would like to stress that there is no bad or good Intenet provider but  only the right Internet provider for us. Just that if the speed like what they claimed, 5x faster than 3g, then user might exceeded using it to download without noticed their bandwidth usage.
You will never exceed the bandwidth usage because you can only use up to the maximum data based on your credits. If I’m not mistaken, the minimum spend per month is RM 30 on YES, irrespective of how little you use.
Anyone has fully tested yes4g when comes to download movies n mp3 compare to streamyx or unifi would appreciate w test results. Next story My Pageviews Per Day passed 4000 mark & Unique Visitors Per Day passed 2000 mark!!! Previous story Review: Hydro Hotel Batu Ferringhi, Penang Part III: Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia!
For those seeking for the most affordable monthly plan, the iValue Simple should be the one you’re looking for with a monthly fee of RM50 that offers 1GB of mobile data together with free call minutes and SMS.
The three major plans from Celcom are Celcom First Prime, Celcom First Premier and Celcom First Elite, with monthly fees from a low of RM78 to a high of RM238.
After Celcom and Digi announced their latest offering, Maxis went out to boost their current MaxisONE Plans with even more data. Similar to U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid Plus, DataPool lets you combine your overall data and you can share it across your supplementary accounts. To make sharing easier, Maxis DataPool lets you share data between principal and supplementary lines which is somewhat similar to U Mobile’s Hero Plus Postpaid. Following Maxis’ latest upgrade, Digi has increased its Digi Postpaid 238 (More Internet) data quota from 20GB to 30GB.
The rest of the plan bundling remains unchanged and all you get is free calls and SMS between principal and supplementary lines. This covers 11 video platforms including iflix, YouTube, viu, HyppTV Everywhere, Youku and Tonton.
Let say the previous month you only use 2Gb data which means you available data on the following month will be 13GB. In general, obviously fixed broadband is cheaper per GB but it compromises on mobility which often comes at a higher cost.
Bad technical support, non professional staffs and coverage and speed is not as good as promised. Unifi's download speed is calculated in Megabit while P1 W1MAX is calculated in Megabytes. Despite all the hype and all the discussion about the prices and rates of YES 4G, I can’t find anyone showing the speed test of YES 4G in the Internet. Note that, in that chart, we are comparing the price only with factoring other consideration like the network coverage and the speed.
Those iPhone users, Android users and Blackberry users will certainly not willing to let go their devices unless there’s a newer version with 4G capabilities, right?

Although by overall standard, our broadband speed and customer service level are not up to par. It’s kinda nice to be able to use the Internet when you are travelling the North South Highway or while you are sitting in a train. Some like others maxis or celcom, that’s the monthly amount it charge monthly, but they would cap the speed once you reach your bandwidth limit. It’s really cheap compared to Maxis, Digi, Celcom or PI as shown on the comparison table above. Besides that, DiGi also offers the option of purchasing the iPhones with easy payment plans (EPP).
All the contracts are available for 12-months and 24-months period so the options available are wide-ranging. For additional lines for sharing, each Share 50 Member line costs RM50 and that gives you unlimited calls and extra 3GB of data that’s shared with the principal line. Note that speeds on Video-Onz are capped at 1.5Mbps which is said to be enough for standard definition. There are different policies and terms for each plans with some only calculating download quota while others include uploads. To make it clearer, we have segregate the broadband offerings into 3 categories: Fixed Broadband, Mobile Broadband (Pure Data) and Mobile Internet (Add-on for Phone). 5 Megabits is equivalent to 500 kilobytes where as 5 Megabytes is equivalent to 5000 kilobyte. Those of you who love to download HD movies, PPS or torrent, well, you might still need to stick to Streamyx or Unifi.
During my recent participation in Yes 4G event, YTL Comms CEO Wing said that they have 2500++ base stations in the whole of Malaysia. There are also other factors to consider such as download speeds and excess charge if you exceed Fair Usage Policy. Anyhow, this is Malaysian standard and we can only accept as it is and make the best out of it. It’s supposed to mean that they throttle our speed because they want to prevent us from using too much of their allocated capacity, not getting expensive.
Up to now, they have just deployed 1000++ base stations and they still have 1500++ standby to avoid the issue. If it’s a contract, then you have to wait until your contract is over or you can contact YesCare to ask for an upgrade of your plan. Streamyx ADSL was excluded due to the fact that they offer “unlimited access” with unspecified quota on a best effort basis.
At least you don’t get throttled down or being charged extra for the extra bandwidth.

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