Only users with Formal and higher WebMoney Passports are allowed to change or update personal information. On the control panel go to “Contact Information” and click “Edit” next to your mobile phone.
2 Once your new phone number is confirmed, you will be prompted to confirm that you are the real holder of the WMID. The letter can only be mailed to the address you provided in the Contact Information of your passport.

Enter the 5-digit code to confirm that you are the owner of this new phone number and that your new phone number is correct.
After you receive this message, enter the code into the “Verification code” box as shown below. Click the link on the page “Click here” and the letter with the verification code will be sent to your physical address specified in your passport.
The verification centre will process your application and update your phone number (if it is possible).

You have to come to the verification centre in person and present your application and identity document.

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