Namco Bandai Online announced that it will be releasing a new Mobile Suit Gundam Online game for Microsoft Windows systems in Japan. All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. E-commerce solutions are quite efficient as for standard web users but for mobile users,  e-commerce sites aren’t any match mainly because shopping methods and payment processes are too cumbersome for many a user.
So, the retailers who are blind shut to this upcoming monolithic m-commerce phenomenon, must rise to the hour and start working to liquefy those prospects. That’s why, even after the sweat of the brow, Google, Paypal,WalMart haven’t been able to gather considerable traction for mobile payments.

If handsome e-commerce solutions are provided on mobile phones as well, the skies for market expansion can become charming and attractive.
There was a dramatic boom observed in mobile shopping activity and the number of purchases made via mobiles increased 5 times from the year before. A mobile website design and proper mobile application development related to mobile shopping is crucial these days. Players can fight alongside friends in various battlefields, and might eventually command other pilots and encounter famous pilots from the original anime.Each battle can have a maximum of 104 players, that's up to 52 players each side. E-commerce sites for mobiles need to optimized and standardized and similarly, payment processes should also be more accurate, faster and simpler.

Mobile Suit Gundam Online will also have different game modes and rule settings for players to try out.The first alpha test period will run from December 16 to 18 in Japan, and the official website is accepting application for testers now. Stats and reports are continuously saying for last one year that mobile users are conforming to the ‘via mobile device shopping’.

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