The Apple iPhone redefined a mobile device, bringing HTML, e-mail, and apps to smartphones. All the mobile 2.0 competitors support 3G networks, touch interfaces, accelerometers, and location detection services.
Google’s Android mobile OS appears to be the first real challenge to the iPhone, providing an open platform for users and developers, along with much iPhone-like sophistication. RIM’s BlackBerry is the gold standard for enterprise mobile connectivity, but its Web capabilities are primitive. Windows Mobile’s many incarnations have been widely panned for cramming a desktop UI into a small screen, making it hard to use. Mysterious phenomena that occur in our galaxy, Milky WayThe cosmology and realityIncident of the Soviet Union – UFO.

Patrick’s Day, wearing of green, music and songsIt is all due to a calendar mix-up, fixedLoic, Needles Side Tattoo. Apple’s iPhone essentially reinvented handhelds from crude, proprietary systems to a sophisticated platform that made much of the desktop experience work in a handheld context. It has suffered years of mismanagement, but Palm continues to offer Treo smartphones with mobile 2.0 capabilities.
The various screen sizes and included components across manufacturers hinder app and IT support. Lot of phone manufacturers including HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung have launched phones with Google Android operating system. If you are an Android powered mobile phone fan then head over to Google Phone Gallery for exhaustive listing of Android phones.

Website also allows you compare different Android phones side by side.Android phones at Google Phone GalleryAll phones in the gallery include Google Search, Android Market and Google Mobile services such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps.
These phones come pre-installed with Android Market and Google Search, Voice Search, Google Talk, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube, among other Google Mobile services.1. You can view Android powered phones by specific manufacture among HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.3.

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