As Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T) continue their slow dance of stealth price raises like new activation charges and mandatory unlimited texting, the rest of the world is being gripped by extreme price-cut fever. Next week, a challenger operator called Yoigo will start selling the iPhone 5 for free with a two-year contract that costs as little as €25 per month.
Yoigo has 6% of the Spanish market and it has gained more than 300,000 new subscribers in the first three quarters of 2012 as Spain’s bigger carriers started bleeding customers.
Partly as a result of the ongoing recession, the Spanish mobile market has turned from Europe’s growth engine into a bloody mess. It is fascinating to see how the American mobile market remains in complete stasis even as radical pricing strategies rattle so many markets in Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.
No question, the new iPhone 4 is definitely a masterpiece in terms of design and functionality but the design or functionality wasn't the point of my answers since you can always discuss this; coming to different conclusions. Working for several mobile service providers and carriers in the past, I was always a big fan of the competition.
The Status Quo Interesting enough, while in the very beginning the iPhone was in most cases distributed through one exclusive carrier per country only, the iPhone 4 is so exclusive in most countries anymore. Morgan Stanley backed-up this observation with a comparison of the recent iPhone tariffs between the UK, US, South Korea, France, Germany and Japan. The OutlookAnyway, as it looks now, Deutsche Telekom's exclusive partnership with Apple might come to an end, maybe even sooner than we expect.
Competition is good, it brought us a wide range of services and quite often innovative tariffs!

This starts with the typical monthly pay as you use plans and goes up to monthly inclusive offers.
While in the beginning, and for the first three iPhones, T-Mobile always mentioned its exclusive partnership with Apple, for the iPhone 4 T-Mobile isn't mentioning this anymore.
While it's quite unlikely that a Vodafone, O2 Germany or E-Plus will be able to sell the hardware dramatically cheaper (I'm quite confident Apple keeps an eye on this topic), I'm quite sure T-Mobile's German competitor will launch their iPhone 4 offers with way more attractive tariffs (also resulting in decreasing T-Mobile tariffs). If you don't have an iPhone yet, you might want to consider if there are not way more attracting mobile phones available or you might even want to wait for Windows Phone 7 (not the worst option at all as far as I can tell you) which will be released anytime in fall. I have read it and agree with your views, ideas and opinions becasue it is the demand of the time. Chances are high you would get answer as he answers emails and if you would get such answer it would mean huge web traffic for your blog like many people who posted their answers from Jobs on their blogs. 1GB of mobile data per month can be had in another budget plan that costs just €9 per month.
This is pretty mind-blowing stuff even in Europe, where insurgent operators in France and Spain have pushed the incumbent carriers into steep profit declines with novel price initiatives.
Instead Deutsche Telekom is now talking about an exclusive start-offer which can lead use to the assumption that T-Mobile has a launch-exclusivity (only) which is quite common for new mobile phones but also mean that such an exclusivity ends within the first 1 - 3 months. If you are not one of this "I need it first and I need it now" buyers you might either want to get it from France (unfortunately it's yet not available in Italy), maybe due an upcoming vacation in France or you might better wait a couple of more weeks until the one or the other German carrier might also get it officially!
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Vodafone’s autumn quarter service revenue declined by 11% in Southern Europe, dragged down by the Spanish black hole.
Compared to many other plans out there, Deutsche Telekom's iPhone tariffs - which you are forced to select from - are far away from being innovative or fair, in other word's - they are simply too expensive. This is also backed-up by the fact that T-Mobile is only addressing new customers but is ignoring existing customers which might be ready for a contract prolongation. Therefore i am just putting short views here but after some days i shall go in details and provide complete information regarding the topic.
This makes sense for T-Mobile because in the past, the carrier had a mobile phone in its portfolio nearly everybody wanted to get and what happens if you have such a requested product exclusively? According to reports, current T-Mobile customers will not be able to prolong their contracts before July which means Deutsche Telekom is trying to sell its iPhone 4 inventory to new customers only - to get as many new customers as possible (the existing customers will prolong anyway).
Right, you decide the price - not the market and no question, every market requested the iPhone so far - like it was the only mobile phone under God's sun.

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