Mobile Phone Coverage - UK Mobile Phone Network Signal Coverage Comparison, including Mobile Broadband. Podcasts have exploded in popularity since they first came onto the scene in the early 2000’s. Britain’s high-speed 4G mobile phone network is finally up and running - but how is it different to 3G? Faster speeds means you can download things like music and movies, upload photos and videos more quickly, while web pages loads faster. BT has a range of 12-month SIM-only plans with its new BT Mobile offering which includes 4G at no extra cost.
BT Broadband customers can get discounts of 50% on BT Mobile and each includes access to the BT Sport app with free Premier League football. It’s still early days for 4G, but if you need high-speed internet access on the move, its speeds are certainly impressive. Even if your phone isn’t 4G ready, you can still access 3G speeds, which are fine if you are just web browsing and sending email.
And if you are wondering about all the wonderful benefits it will bring, what exactly are they?

In practice, download speeds are affected by signal strength, how busy the mobile network is, whether or not you’re moving around, the speed of the web server and a host of other factors.
So if you are using video streaming using services like Netflix, watching videos on YouTube and using video chat services like Facetime, 4G will bring a much smoother and faster experience.
You'll get the most out of BT Mobile if you have a smartphone, but just about any phone will do.
All data comes straight from the network website itself, so you can compare the coverage in your area.
EE, the parent company of Orange and T-Mobile, have combined the networks of both operators.
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