Place you phone on top of the felt square as per the picture, fold the felt over it and add 1cm extra to the right of the phone on the top and bottom (so an extra 2cm width in total).A  Add 3cm extra above the phone, I've marked a line to show where the top of my phone is, and thenmarked the cut line. Place the felt onto the fabric and cut fabric 0.5cm wider on each side and 3cm extra above.
Sew across the bottom of the fabric about half a centimetre from the felt to secure the top.

Remove the pins, trim any excess fabric from the edge and then turn the phone case the right way around.A  If you struggle to reach the corners use a pen to poke them out.
Note - If you need to wash your phone case do not machine wash as the felt lining will stick together. Then fold it over again so the top of the sheet of felt is covered with the fabric, pin into place.A  This means you have no raw edges.

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