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If the Employee has direct reports (for example James King, Ray Moore, Julie Taylor, and John Williams), tap “View Direct Reports” to see the list.
If the Employee has a manager (all the employees except James King, the CEO), tap “View Manager” to view the manager details. When running the application on a phone, you can tap “Call Office”, “Call Cell”, and “SMS” to trigger the corresponding actions.
You can download the source code (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP services and SQL script) here. The approach taken in this application is a complete separation of the client and server code: no intermingled HTML and server-side scripts. I posted a version of the same application getting data from a local database using the PhoneGap database api here.
Thank you CHRISTOPHE, it’s great to see you posting on JQuery Mobile and PHP services. Thanks, now working perfectly after setting the external host to my server, and many thanks to Cristophe for the great sample.

I should also mention that I CAN get a page to accept the parameter IF I refresh that page. Even though the application is simple, it covers some common requirements of mobile applications: database access through JSON services, multi-level master-detail views, parameter passing between views, etc. The client application is made of pure HTML files invoking JSON services using jQuery’s ajax() and getJSON() methods. Regardless of the approach you choose, the pages will be loaded into a single document at runtime. This version of the application doesn’t use any of the PhoneGap native APIs (GPS, camera, accelerometer, notification, etc). I really like PHP as a JSON service provider and JQuery with or without mobile can consume such services so easily. Over the past 6 months I also followed JQuery Mobile and PhoneGap because it allows us to make applications for low end smart phones. I am just learning JQuery and I like many others have encountered the issue of passing query string parameters from one page to another, each page has a separate HTML file. Couple things – how about storing the id in a session variable instead of having to pass it all around (as we did with regular webapps).

App works fine on iPhone but when I’m running the same app in android emulator, there are some issues.
You can filter the list by typing a few characters in the filter box at the top of the screen. In my next blog post, I’ll show the same application getting the data from a local database (using the PhoneGap database API) as opposed to PHP services.
I do work with Flex Mobile, but AIR does not run on on the mid to low end Android smart phones in our market.
When i click on a button to goto next page, it loads the next page but again shows the first page for a second, then settle down on the second page.

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