Apple saw its share of the Japanese mobile phone market rise to 36.6% in the first quarter of 2014 amid surging sales on the country's largest carrier, NTT DoCoMo, reports Bloomberg. Apple's market share in the country was followed by Sharp and Sony, which accounted for 13% and 12.3% of the market, respectively. A big factor for the iPhone success is that it is available for free from the major carriers. I was in Japan when the iPhone came out (and still am now), and the iPhone has never struggled here. If by early reports, you're referring to the Wired article, then you might want to read about how the source used for the article felt about it. Apple is actively developing a product that would compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home, reports The Information. The smartphone market back in 2005 was much more favorable as far as Windows Mobile's market share is concerned.
Now due to Windows Mobile's plummeting market share and the emergence of other companies in the phone OS market, such as Google and their Android OS and Apple's iPhone, Windows Mobile has been forced to turn to a former competitor to just merely stay afloat in the tidal wave of innovation. In August of 2009, Windows Mobile sparked a deal with Nokia and their Symbian operating system to combat Research In Motion and the BlackBerry.

In early 2009, according to The New York Times, Microsoft and LG Electronics signed a deal to put the Windows Mobile OS on 50 of LG's smartphone models.4 Unfortunately, in September of 2009, Palm Incorporated decided that it would drop the Windows Mobile OS from its future smartphones such as the brand new Palm Pre. We all want to connect quickly to the people and information that’s important to us from across our lives at work and at home. So though Windows Mobile's market share is in decline from where it was no more than a couple of years ago, critics and executives are still optimistic of where Windows Mobile is headed in the near and present future.
Mobile Zoo have also persuaded some Java ME authors to include the Mobile Zoo functionality in their application. Phone manufacturers now have to be careful what J2ME software gets run on prototype devices. Last October, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c also accounted for 76% of smartphone sales in Japan, marking a record high.
Japan has showed an elitist attitude to surrounding countries since before the second world war.
Back in 2005, Windows had nearly one quarter of the worldwide market share in the smartphone market, but they have steadily declined since then with the emergence of other smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Google. Windows went from once having nearly a quarter of the worldwide market share of smartphones to now only having 14% of the market.

Windows Mobile and Symbian are working together to develop Microsoft Office, innovative business communications, and new software to compete with RIM and their chokehold over the corporate smartphone market.9 Though some see this move as not only an advancement to thwart RIM's market share, but to also keep up-and-comers Apple and Google at bay.
Though even in the face of adversity, some critics believe Windows Mobile will still come out on top in the near future.
It’s a Java ME application that people can load onto their phone which determines the phone type and capabilities. These are then uploaded to a database where they can be viewed and compared against other phones.
Not too long ago, we wrote about ComScore’s survey, which showed 45 percent of all smartphones nationwide were Android operated.
Between the years of 2008 and 2009, the smartphone industry as grown roughly 27% while Windows market share fallen nearly 3%.
The study is a little vague; I wish they would have added more information on the type of apps people were downloading, so we can get an argument on quality versus quantity.

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