Now you can have the pleasure of being annoyed by a pesky telemarketing when you are just sitting down to dinner and have the pleasure of paying for it as well.
Whatever possessed a government agency that is supposed to safeguard citizens’ rights to release private information to these vultures? In my opinion, telemarketers are the lowest life forms in the food chain and should be hunted down and exterminated.

There should be a bounty on them."I rarely receive telemarking calls on my mobile phone but I also have a habit of not answering the phone when someone who is not in my address book calls me. I figure if it is important they will leave me a voicemail and if they know me they will know to shoot me an email or SMS message instead of calling in the first place.
It was one thing when telemarkers called you on your landline and you didn't have to pay for the call, but now that any of these answered calls are going come out of your minute package I feel this is highly inappropriate.

Come on people, get on the ball!The good news is you can add your mobile number to the national Do Not Call list.

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