The Samsung T528G is a 3g capable touchscreen phone that is available at Straight Talk for $99.99. The Samsung T528G is a candybar phone that features 3.0” touch screen display with three scrollable workspaces.
The Samsung T528G has a 2.0 mega-pixel digital camera with 2x zoom and video recorder for taking decent pictures and videos. Many users have been reporting that they have been able to watch videos on YouTube through the WiFi connection even though Straight Talk service is clearly saying that they do not allow streaming on this network, due to the preventing the network from being slow.
I have gotten this phone and i had to take it back because it would shut off and the sms’s locked up on me they said i can send it to walmart and get another replacement instead of waiting on them.
The phone loses the date and time occasionally, and I spent much of today waiting for the voice mail prompt to recognize that I had already received a message and stop telling me that that same message was still waiting for me. Well got this phone for the web and half the time it tells me that it cannot dispplay the page too large so then you cant read anything on the page way too small. I need help i put a memory card in there and cant find the pics that were on the memory card. I am having the same problem I have had this phone for little over a month and now having problems. I kept getting the initializing message every time I tried to view my messages or contact list. Besides being a touchscreen phone, which was by the way the biggest wish of Straight Talk users since Samsung Finesse, this phone offers some very cool features. The phone runs on Samsung’s proprietary operating system using TouchWiz UI 2.0, which is very simple to use. The 3G speeds would not be enough for better and faster connectivity if there were no Stereo Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection options.

An MP3 player is also present as well as microSD card slot for expanding the phone’s memory up to 32GB. This kinda sucks because many of Virgin Mobile phones will let you watch YouTube on their network. I’ve tried resetting the phone, taking the battery and SIM card out and NOTHING is working. I can send a message while on the phone, but when i get one it just beebs but nothing comes up so i can view it. What’s more, Straight Talk plans that this phone goes with, also add to the beauty of this deal. This widget and app-friendly user interface supports multi tasking, which is a great feature for users who like to handle more than one task at the same time.
The WiFi works fine and can help you keep below the 30 MB per month data if you decide to choose this plan. This feature is cool because of all the freedom that you are given in creating the functionality of your phone as it works the best for you. While on my way to NYC Im going to want to watch youtube videos and update my twitter and facebook statuses on the way. However, you won’t be able to watch YouTube videos through the WiFi connection or without it since Straight Talk service made it clear that they do not allow streaming on this network, due to the preventing the network from being slow.
When ever the scree locks after a short period of time as it doe, it takes me forever to unlock it.
Also, YouTube app works great and you will be able to watch videos as long as you are connected to WI-FI. However, as far as preloaded applications are concerned, this phone has social networking apps as Facebook and Twiter preloaded as well as web browser, media player, email and instant messaging clients.

With this phone, you are not limited just to updating your status on Facebook or just accessing your email as with Samsung r355c so this is an improvement. If you keep taping it in order to make it work, it will go through and send your text message even if you’re not finished typing it. Then it randomly changes times and dates and only goes back to normal after turning it off and on again. I called straighttalk, and they told me that they are having problems with the sims card on these phones. The virtual QWERTY keyboard is very easy to type on and thanks to accelerometer built-in, it can be used in both, landscape and portrait mode.
There was an uncertainty whether unlimited prepaid plan for $45 is requested with this phone but now it is clear that both plans are available. So is this phone like the other straight talk phones, like how you can go on the internet where ever?
That is a good thing since this is the first GSM phone from Straight Talk, TracFone or Net10 to do so. I have only had this phone for about three weeks, not happy about the fact that it’s having these problems so quickly after I bought it. There is a plan for $45 with Virgin but it only gives you 1200 anytime minutes I think the Beyond Talk plans from Virgin are more geared to the smart phones and the full internet whereas Straight Talk is more geared toward talk and text.

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