We chose to compare rate plans for smartphones which lead to more average-to-premium criteria for the plans. This time around we have maintained the same criteria and updated the data to reflect more current pricing. It simply made more sense to lean higher when creating plan requirements as our data showed that differences in monthly charges were minimal (e.g.
Now that we know that there can be such varying costs for the same service across the provinces, it should be interesting to see how frequently and drastically the pricing can vary.

WIND Mobile is not included as you would need to purchase the phone through Apple while all other providers offer it on a 2 year contract. All three provinces have regional providers that force the big three to reduce their monthly rates and offer more data at the same time. More often than not the big three will actually undercut the competition in these provinces. That competition includes SaskTel in Saskatchewan, MTS in Manitoba and Videotron in Quebec.

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