The iPhone 6 starts at $199 on contract at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile as well as direct from Apple, Best Buy and many other retailers in the United States. Here are the most important iPhone 6 review details that outline the overall experience of using the iPhone 6. Bottom Line: The iPhone 6 is one of the best phones on the market and the iPhone that most people will want to buy. The all-metal design and its curved edges are pleasant on the eyes but the added metal makes the iPhone 6 very difficult to hold. Apple’s new design also sees the power button shift from the top right to the right side of the design. The iPhone 6 comes with the same Touch ID home button that debuted with last year’s iPhone 5s.
Not every application looks great on Apple’s big new display but that should start to improve as developers work to release updates with iPhone 6 support. The iPhone 6 fits inside most of my pockets though it could present some issues with tighter shorts and jeans. Check out the iPhone 6 sample photos below to see how the camera performs in a variety of environments.
Apple’s iPhone 6 specs don’t make or break this phone, but they do enable features like the upcoming Apple Pay mobile payments, the battery life and the great photos.
The iPhone 6 isn’t a groundbreaking device and one of its biggest features, Apple Pay, has been found in Android phones for years. Those looking for a bigger, better display will want to opt for the iPhone 6 Plus, but for everyone else the iPhone 6 is the right choice. Then, two years ago, Apple made the jump up to a 4-inch Retina Display to appease consumers that had campaigned for a larger display for gaming, multitasking, reading and browsing the web. The added real estate comes without a massive jump in size making the iPhone 6 ideal for those that want a larger display but don’t want to be toting around a smartphone that feels like a small tablet. Left in its wake is an iPhone 6 that comes with a full metal back that includes antenna breaks at the top and bottom of the device. Coming from the iPhone 5, I’ve come to appreciate the convenience and added security that Touch ID delivers.

Key applications like Instagram and Facebook have already been optimized for the larger display and both look absolutely stunning on Apple’s new Retina Display. The iPhone 6 is just a bit bigger than the Nexus 5 which, again, I think is the perfect size for a smartphone. Those of you that are coming from larger Android smartphones should not have such a long adjustment period.
I was wearing some standard issue Vans shorts the other day and someone walking behind me told me that my iPhone was about to fall out of my back pocket. The sensor is able to capture stunning images and video in most environments including low light environments, an area where the iPhone 5 struggles. A powerful pocket camera sure beats lugging a camera around my neck at important family gatherings and outings with friends. The new Apple A8 64-bit processor handles games and other applications well and the software is extremely fluid, far more fluid than the iOS 8 experience on the iPhone 5. I’m able to get more than a full day of use when switching between LTE and Wi-Fi, something that I was not able to get with the iPhone 5. Reachability allows you to double tap on the home button to bring the top half of the display down. I’ve already used Apple Pay several times and the process is fast, efficient and it allows me to leave my wallet at home if need be.
However, the iPhone 6 delivers one of the best all-around smartphone packages that money can buy. The 64GB model replaces the company’s well known 32GB storage option, though it keeps the same $299 price point. These breaks simply do not look as nice as the glass found on the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, though that shouldn’t trouble those of you who are planning to use a case. It has come in handy a few times when I’ve forgotten to pack my Bluetooth speaker when traveling.
After using the Quad HD displays on the LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4, it leaves something to be desired. It’s also excellent for watching video content like movies, televisions shows and sports highlights.

The added real estate also means that I can see more, and do more, inside the apps themselves.
Those that find that they need the extra screen can simply opt for the larger iPhone 6 Plus. And while it does not come with the Optical Image Stabilization feature found on the iPhone 6 Plus, most of you aren’t going to notice a difference.
Come to think of it, I’ve already shared more video footage and more photos with family and friends than I ever did with the iPhone 5. Battery life is so good that I don’t need to carry around a charger or bring a battery pack case along with me on longer errands. From the excellent camera to its all day battery life to its intuitive software, there’s something here for everyone. This is a smartphone that you can buy with confidence knowing that it’s still going to be good two years from now.
I have big hands, but it would have been near impossible to reach the power button with one hand if it had stayed on the top of the device. Issues aside, the iOS 8.1 update is the update that Apple should have released alongside the iPhone 6. Zombies look gorgeous thanks to the screen and the processor’s graphics processing unit.
I’ve only used it sparingly, but those with smaller hands might find it more helpful.
I’ve never used a case with my iPhone, and I might be forced to use one with the iPhone 6.

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