At first, the Kik mobile app by Kik Interactive appears to be little more than just another messaging app for smartphones and mobile devices. When you visit LoveToKnow Cell phones, you'll find a wide variety of articles about apps, written with the interests of end-users in mind. The category also features articles designed to help you identify apps designed for specific purposes. When you're looking for information about apps, let LoveToKnow Cell Phones be your go-to, trusted resource.
Mobile ApplicationAre you always on the lookout for great apps to download to your smartphone or tablet device? When you visit this category, you can also learn how to organize the ones you decide to download, as well as find out how to delete ones you no longer need. Visit the site often, as our expert writers and editors are always diligently identifying new apps to research and review.
With so many options available through Google Play (for Android), the App Store (for iPhone, iPad and IPod) and other resources, it can be hard to decide what apps are worth checking out.

That's why LoveToKnow Cell Phones is committed to providing useful information about popular apps, including independent app reviews and articles about the best apps for specific platforms or needs. The company is trying to change that perception with its new Vonage Mobile apps for iOS and Android and these offer the ability to make free international and domestic calls, as well as enable you to call others for cheaper rates. This is a very crowded space though, so how did Vonage do?Read on for the full review of the Vonage Mobile app. If the recipient also has the Vonage Mobile app or the Vonage home service, the calls or text are free. If you're calling a landline or cell phone without the service, you'll have to pay some money but Vonage is pushing the fact that it's prices are cheaper than something like Skype - Vonage says its prices are roughly 30 percent lower than Skype. You can purchase blocks of Vonage credit though in-app purchases, so buying more calling time is just a few clicks away.One thing I like is that the Vonage Mobile app can easily sync with your address book to find contacts and unlike some high-profile apps out there, it actually asks for your permission to do it.
Another cool feature is that you can set up your actual mobile number as your Vonage Mobile number, so when you're calling friends and family, they can immediately notice that it's you. There are different tabs on your contact page within the app so it's easy to invite people to use it and to identify which of your friends use the app and are eligible for free calls and texts.Vonage is also touting its high-definition Codecs that it uses to provide some super-clear calls and I've heard this first-hand multiple times.

I called a friend of mine in Korea who downloaded the app and he sounded quite clear even though I was using Verizon's 3G. Competitors Skype and Tango offer video calling from your phone and I missed this feature in the Vonage Mobile app. I wouldn't be surprised to see Vonage implement this down the road, too.As for the design of the app, it's straight forward and gets the job done but I wouldn't have minded a bit more flair in it.
Still, the Vonage Mobile app is free and provides an excellent service if you make lots of international calls.
For more information about Vonage Mobile, please visit Vonage’s site and you can see it in action on YouTube. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook ( 11 shares ) Back to top ▴ Amma248 If I use Vonage on my iPhone to call from Canada to a land line in the UK that does not use Vonage does it cost the recipient to receive my call?

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