Introducing the World’s smallest call Recorder works perfectly on iphone, Android or other smart phone. With MA-U2 Special Voice Activation Mode, you can even record meeting or lectures automatically. Just plug into your USB Port, you can simply download to your computer and play with any audio program. By Ato Keelson & Mindy CooperOne basic commodity that has shed its expensive tag in Ghana and the world at large is the mobile phone.
In the early 90's mobile phones in Ghana were considered a very expensive and scarce commodity.At the time, these tiny and portable electronic devices were not only considered the preserve of the rich in the society, but they were also very difficult to come by.
People who possessed such electronic gadgets were accorded appreciable magnitude of respect.However, this story can no longer be told today, particularly when mobile phones are widely patronized and used in almost every nook and cranny of Ghana. Thanks to telecommunication companies like Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN), Vodafone, Tigo, Kasapa and Zain it is now possible for us to reach our relatives who live in the hinterlands.

This growth of technological gadgetry can only tell us that within Ghanaian culture mobile phones have become a basic necessity.In Today's world people are ready to dole out huge sums of money to the tune of between GHA?600-1, 000 Ghana cedis in order to purchase the latest Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, or Samsung phone in town. Currently, giant mobile phone manufacturing companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericson and Vodafone are facing stiff competition amongst themselves and are always finding ways of getting more people in the world to purchase their mobile phone products.One hot spot and area where the mobile phone businesses continue to grow is in Circle, a suburb of Accra. Here, one can see various mobile phone shops with very interesting names, including: Flex Phones, Happy Phones, God Son Entertainment, Big Ambition, Freddie's Corner, Mobile Phone People and Fuzzy Phones. Such elements do not own shops and are known for always sitting on the metallic bars along the pavement. Their posture alone is enough reason to doubt them, yet in the face of all these signals people purchasing phones are swindled because their prices are relatively cheaper. Gambo Bash, who has worked at Mobile Time in the Circle area for seven years now, the business's influx of customers is suffering because of those who are selling the phones on the street.a€?Our business is going down,a€? said Mr. Bash pointed out that the reason people are buying them on the outside is because they are cheaper even though they are often purchasing stolen merchandise.

Unlike the phones sold within stores, which buy their phones from places in Japan and Dubai, those sold on the street offer cell phone buyers no security for the customer if something were to go wrong.On the other hand, Mr. There is much consensus from those who own cell phone store that in the future the boys selling phones will be out of the street.
And it was observed that if nothing is done about the phone hawkers, than they will continue posing a serious threat to the wellbeing of those who are running their cell phone businesses in the future.

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