Especially in the highly competitive mobile phone market, the demand for models with ever-higher added value to be speedily and smoothly introduced to the marketplace is constantly increasing.
PT9258 is a single chip GPS receiver SoC that integrates RF and Baseband in an 8 x 8 x 0.9 mm QFN package.
For LIVE HELP, please click "Live Help Desk", our specialists will be with you in air shortly. With our proven knowledge of mobile technology, we can develop websites, applications or services for any existing device or mobile operating system, our developers can create customized solutions for the mobile industry, we can offer solutions for small, medium and large business.
Mobile technology has become the most popular technology in the world, in fact, today there are more smartphones than computers in the world, This means that it is time to offer targeted solutions for mobile users.

Web sites: We offer themes or sites programmed from scratch, responsive and compatible with all mobile devices. Applications: We can develop applications or web applications for any mobile OS, smartphone or tablet. Premium Services: We can conceive or create value-added services for mobile phones, making use of external payment providers. Integration of micro payment systems: We can integrate systems for micro payment by smartphone, miblie carrier or sms in your app or your websites.
Mobi Dynamics Ltd is an international company composed of the best developers and programmers from around the world, in fact, although the company's headquarters is in Belize, ours is an international company with authorization to operate all over the world!

To that end, Sharp lends a sincere ear to the voices of its customers and leverages its own technological development capabilities to produce a rich product lineup that offers increased functionality, smaller package sizes, reduced lead times, and reduced costs. You can fill out the Inquiry Form to tell us your needs or questions, we will respond soon! The DAC is controlled via a 2-wire (I²C compatible) serial interface that operates at clock rates up to 400KHz.

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