Apple as usual has made a business decision that could lead to exciting new features on the next generation iPhone and beyond. With full face detection and tracking of faces in video, the solutions Polar Rose delivers could change how you interact with your iPhone. Imagine holding your iPhone up and the device automatically unlocking to reveal your home screen.
Other interesting uses for the technology include automatically tagging people in photos and recognizing FaceTime callers from contact information. The trouble with automatically tagging photos is that it creates Personally Identifiable Information.

My laptop has facial recognition, which works great unless it's dark in the room, and it wouldn't log on for a picture of me.
No, this tech is Biometrics, and more than likely facial recognition will also include some form retinal device that will scan your eye. I hope no phone or any other corporate made gadget ever gets this technology correct personally.
At least your mug shot isnt auto added to a biometric database, no doubt hooked into everything behind the scenes for a profit at your privacies expense. I've nothing to fear but tricksy gimicks aimed at making me lose liberties to feel there is nothing to fear, whilst the rest of media tries hard to make me feel fear and something to fear, in not having something to fear for my phone, or its useage.

The Face recognition, was first seen when Microsoft was developing Natal (now known as Kinetic.
And before any of you say something stupid, I don't think your whole hand will fit on a phone.

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