Every New Yorker has experienced the frustration that comes with being unable to use your phone underground.
Using one of their homegrown benchmarks, GWS tested the wireless connections across all four major carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T on the city's most traveled subway lines. GWS only tested areas within Manhattan that experience the most commuter traffic, so the results only reflect certain areas on each subway route. Here are how various subway lines compared ranked from best to worst according to GWS' results. MTA head spokesperson Adam Lisberg reached out to Business Insider to provide the following comment regarding wireless service in subway stations across New York City and GWS' A test results.

Transit Wireless has successfully installed wireless and Wi-Fi service in 47 subway stations, and is ahead of schedule on its groundbreaking project to install service in all 278 underground stations by 2017. These officially licensed flashy cases are covered in colored crystals featuring your favorite team logos. This service has transformed life underground, making it easier for subway customers to stay safe and connected. The single piece faceplate slips easily onto your phone while allowing complete access to the phones functionality.
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Recently, a Virginia company tried to measure the strength of wireless service in stations that dona€™t have wireless antennas installed yet a€“ as well as in tunnels which have never been wired for service. This says a lot about the companya€™s methodology, but it has nothing relevant to say about wireless service in the subway system.
Any New Yorker who has called, texted, emailed or surfed the web while waiting for a train knows the value of this service and, and their opinions matter more than an out-of-state press release.

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