View more QuickStats about the Central Otago District on the Statistics New Zealand website. Other councils in the region Clutha District, Dunedin City, Otago Regional, Queenstown-Lakes District, and Waitaki District. Helps you verify your identity to government service providers safely and securely via the internet. Spread over 22 acres of parkland, Rainbow Springs offers a truly unique experience and is a must-see for anyone wanting to get to know New Zealand’s wonderful environment and animals, both during the day and at night.
You can 'Become a local' as well - enjoy great benefits and discounts as a resident of the Bay of Plenty.
Well, this widespread suffering is now finally solved—and Swifties and Belibers can go back to viciously attacking each other vs.
People want to enjoy their music whenever they wish and wherever they are, but manually transferring tracks and playlists from different music services is tedious and frustrating, commented Michal Hernas of STAMP Software. Stamp Music Importer for iOS is available now from the App Store, a desktop version for Mac and Windows is also available. Use NZByBike to plan and book your cycle trip by finding bike shops, cycle-friendly accommodation providers, tour operators and things to do when you're not on your bike. Import sources currently include: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Rdio, Deezer and YouTube. Users simply select a source and destination, choose the playlist or playlists they want to move, and that’s all there is to it. There is no cost to download the app, and for such a powerful utility with a great interface, the app needs an impressively small 36MB footprint. Book with over 200 Official NZByBike Partners nationwide to ensure you have the best time seeing New Zealand by bike. Ride on. The best way to lose your front teeth is on your golden birthday, when you turn seventeen, at a skate contest.

Export destinations include: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Excel (for playlists).
The app’s script takes over to hunt for each track and transfers everything in the background.
All images, logos, products of the iPhone and the Apple WATCH are (c) and or trademarks of Apple Inc. At least thata€™s the message being relayed from the broad jack-oa€™-lantern smile on Josh Matthewsa€™ face as he relates to me the story of breaking his incisors in half on a slab ofA concrete. Users can still use their device, tablet, laptop or computer, and are notified when the work is done. Wea€™ve met here to hike up a local mountain with expansive views of the Bay, then bomb down it. In the apartment twenty-six-year-old Josh shares with his girlfriend the walls are covered with maps, the shelves cluttered with curios from his travels, and books are piled up everywhere. A record collection yields some well-seasoned vinyl: Willie Nelson, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, The Velvet Underground. Six years ago he hung up his raincoat and moved from his native Eugene, Oregon, to San Francisco a€“ home of the original hubba. As it turns out we used to live on the same block in the Mission District, so we begin exchanging notes on the status of various neighborhood vagrants andA crackheads. By the time he was fifteen he was skating at the local skatepark where he met Silas Baxter-Neal. He cites a host of other skaters whose approaches hea€™s found influential: Brian Wenning, Anthony Pappalardo, JohnA Cardiel. It was the next best thing to LAa€¦ I just couldna€™t do LA back then,a€? he says, suggesting that Southern California was too denatured for a Eugenian a€“ you can take the boy out of theA woods.
Ia€™d assumed that Josh would want to skate, so when he suggested we hike up a 2,700-foot peak my curiosity was definitely piqued.

Being from the Beaver State, you could probably guess hea€™d be partial to fresh air and starry skies, but it turns out Josh is an incorrigible outdoorsman. As our van putters up steep, green mountain switchbacks, Josh toggles through songs on his phone that hea€™s been thinking about for a video part: Warren Zevon, Waylon Jennings, Built to Spill. He weighs his answer for a moment then replies, a€?I read a quote once that made a lot of sense: Throughout the day you always see stuff you want to change about the world a€“ negative things based on your personal biases or whatever.
But in nature therea€™s nothing you can change.a€? He says he read that in a Kerouac book and I realize that a lot of the books Ia€™d seen at his place were of a philosophical bent, like Kerouaca€™s Dharma Bums and Tom Robbinsa€™ Another Roadside Attraction. Hea€™d also told me his dad had been a pastor for twenty years before going into construction and I asked him if he was religious. In a few days hea€™ll kick off another summer of skate trips with a mission to Bolivia, followed by Detroit, and then his first visit to Asia. But in nature therea€™s nothing you canA change.a€? On the way home we stop for a brew and some food and photographer Matthew Reamer shows us photos he took recently at an Insane Clown Posse show in Reno. We finish our beers and I ask him if anything ruffles his feathers a€“ he seems unconditionally mellow, not the type who enjoys throwing shade, but still.
Just enjoy theA moment.a€? We start talking about how much San Francisco has changed in the last few years a€“ tech money, rent prices, yuppification, blah blah blah a€“ but how beyond all the trends the real city is harder to sweep under the rug than people think. If youa€™ve lived here long enough ita€™s still easy to spot the difference between human and dog poo.

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