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We are a New Zealand owned and operated web-based business located in Auckland on New Zealand’s beautiful North Island. This business listing's information is accurate and has been verified by the business owner of Drinking Water Purified the Natural Way (Jacques). Il semblerait que vous utilisiez un bloqueur de publicite !Or cela nous permet de vous proposer un annuaire inverse GRATUIT et des articles et dossiers originaux crees par notre equipe situee en France. Si vous etes derange par un numero commencant par 0054, vous pouvez etre certain que cet appel est emis de la Nouvelle Zelande.
Capital Gateway Centre is situated within walking distance from Lambton Quay, trading seven days.
My first recollection of life is drawing a mural with wax crayons on my newly painted bedroom walls, and later my school books were liberally illustrated as was any blank surface.After 21 years as a graphic artist and illustrator, a fortuitous meeting in Canada with Bill Braden, the owner of the Yukon Gallery, was the advent of a new art direction and an erratic income.

My early paintings were detailed and illustrative with a limited palette and although satisfying and successful at the time, I always felt motivated to simplify and emphasise the effects of the skya€™s rhythms and the light on land and reflected water. A weekend workshop with him back in 1986 made me aware of the grandeur, the light and the colours in our Southern landscape.
Since 1980, I have participated in many group and solo exhibitions, invited to be a guest artist, and featured in two art publications: a€?NZ's favourite artists 2a€? and a€?NZ in watercoloura€?. We aim to make a difference by providing efficient, effective, practical, high quality, safe, water-filtering product options that can provide clean water under even the most difficult of circumstances.We focus on the family and the environment and combine this with reliable, friendly and personal customer service. The centre is only 14 years old but has recently undergone a full refurbishment; renewing every surface, painted in fresh, modern tones. My policy was to avoid being influenced by other artists, theories and styles from books or videos until I needed inspiration. As well as being a challenge, watercolours create their own unexpected (and sometimes awful) surprises but controlling such a wayward medium is so satisfying.I now prefer to work on site at every opportunity or from line and wash sketches in my visual diary.

Developing a terraced garden with old bridge timbers and rock walls on a clay hillside has been another challenge. Signage, lighting, stairwells, car park and toilets have all been addressed resulting in an overall makeover. Austen Deans was that initial inspiration with his beautiful clear colourful wash technique.
It's also great for your emergency kit. Drinking Water Purification Systems Between a growing string of natural disasters and increasing worldwide concerns over the safety of our planet's drinking water, having a dependable off-the-grid water purification system like the Berkey and British Berkefeld is no longer a luxury. It's a must in New Zealand. GEIGERRIG Hydration Packs Water Filters The innovative Geigerrig hydration pack with its spray-capability hydration engine means no more sucking!

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