Prepaid phone kit includes a cool wireless phone, starter airtime, charger and hands-free headset.
WARNING: News Article suggests that GoVios may not be operating anymore, if you have recently signed for the service, please call your credit card company to submit a dispute on the charges. Prepaid cellular phone card provides 200 units of prepaid cell phone use with a TracFone cellular phone.
Tracfone handsets airtime mechanism is usually locked in the firmware, and ita€™s quite difficult for an individual to unlock.

Ita€™s a good idea to buy $100 of airtime if possible to receive the 15% bonus as well as extending your service for a whole year. Here are a few more plans that let you use your unlocked phone once you activate it using one of their SIM cards. If you want to use the T-Mobile network but want a slightly different plan, then you could give PlatinumTel a try. If AT&T has better coverage in your area, they you may want to check out Red Pocket Mobile.

Bundle includes unlimited double minutes for life, hands-free headset, car charger, and phone case.

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