Most of us use our cell phones for all of our calls and have eliminated the use of the landline completely.
Zact works off of the Sprint cellular and data network and is available at Best Buy specialty stores. Zact Mobile offers plans at extremely affordable prices and has some of the latest cell phones available to purchase. The screen size calls for a powerful battery and you get a 2,000 mAh battery that supports up to 11 hours of constant talk time (in good signal conditions) as well as up to 13 days on standby without any usage.
The LG Treasure has several extra features by LG like the popular knock code to unlock the screen as well as the rear button and volume key design.
There is not much we didn't like about the LG Treasure and it is our top pick for Straight Talk and TracFone. Straight Talk's website has recently been updated with five new phones: ZTE Z716BL, LG 329G, Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, LG Treasure LTE, and the LG Rebel LTE.
The new phones range from a feature phone (LG 329G) to the more advanced (LG Treasure AKA LG L52VL). Built in memory is 8 GB (4GB available) and you can of course expand an additional 32GB with an external SD Card. We absolutely loved this phone even thought there has been a trend to getting bigger phablets, the LG Dynasty is so elegant and complete that you forget about it's diminiative size.
There are several other special features, including taking pictures (selfies) with a gesture, or the easy to use knock code.
The camera and video viewfinder was a joy to use and it can take some time to get to know all the features.
A few basic built in widgets are included such as timer, world clock, stop watch, calculator, and voice recorder.
Paying $70 a month for two years might sound like a lot but it is much less than paying the $100 a month by going through AT&T or other carriers with a two year contract. In a nutshell, you can get the latest iPhone5 for the only commitment of $25 a month or if you have the unlimited plan with Straight Talk, you will pay $70 a month, which again, is less than what you would pay with a two year contract. The catch is that you might need to pay financing fees if you do not stay within the agreed terms.
In the spirit of this website, we will continue to insist that anyone who has a cell phone contract is being robbed. Straight Talk is known for offering amazing deals and the Optimus Q does not fall short of that. Optimus Q from NET10 comes preinstalled with Android Gingerbread, which is the latest Android Operating Systems.
LG Optimus Q does not disappoint and after using it for a couple weeks, we were convinced that the Optimus Q from Straight Talk is by far the best value available.
The LG Optimus Q is an extremely well made and put together offering by Straight Talk that we are sure the extra $20 over the Samsung Precedent is well worth spending.
Optimus Q from NET10 runs Android Gingerbread, one of the latest Android Operating Systems and it lets you access thousands of paid and FREE apps from the Android Market. The LG Optimus Q is an exact replica of the Optimus LG Optimus Net with one major difference: The main feature is the slide out full QWERTY keyboard. The LG Optimus Q is by far light years away from all the past phones NET10 has put on the market and although the price in comparison is much more, we feel it is worth the extra investment.

What makes this phone unique is the throwback built in stylus we saw with the original Palm devices. Ex124g uses a resistive screen which requires a strong enough press against the screen to make your selection.
The Motorola Ex124g may not be the most advanced device but is is surely handsome and unique. As mentioned earlier, the Motorola Ex124g is a block (candy bar) type cell phone and it features a unique design and style. This is a low end Android but for the price of the phone and the service, the Samsung Precedent is by far a great buy for a no contract cell phone. We have to admit, the camera is weak and the fact that it does not have a front facing camera kind of turned us off but to keep things in the right context, the Samsung Precedent is a starter Android that gets the job done.
A NO CONTRACT Family Cell Phone Plan is the perfect way to save money and still have the best cell phones available. In the past, cell phone subscribers had to sign a lengthy and tough to get out of contract to obtain service.
Get the latest information on the leading "No Contract" cell phones and the plans to best suite your needs. These stores are conveniently located at malls and stores in 414 locations nationwide and offer a more compact store to help customers get a less hectic environment. Parents can stay worry free when it comes to Zact because you choose your plans with the average monthly bill being around $22. My 10 year old has been begging for a phone and I feel more comfortable with this type of service. This phone has everything you need to upgrade your current Android or if you're in the market for a very good Android and do not want to spend over $400, then this phone will do the trick. It has a mid resolution screen and it is easy and satisfying to hold due to it's rubber like back.
The LG Treasure is an excellent LTE phone and goes perfectly with Straight Talk's unlimited plan for $45 or TracFone's minute based plans. It features hard keys, the kind you press down on and a tiny screen with very basic apps and games. It features Android 5.1 AKA Lollipop and very likely has your mid-level basics like extra sensors and a front and rear camera.
The LG design with the new button positions and sleek look and feel is a bold leap from the standard arrangement of Android phones. The LG Destiny has a beautiful sleek look that includes a brushed finish on the back cover and a very nice flat screen with a unique beveled design. Lollipop gives the phone a fresh look and since it has a completely new design, this phone felt like a reinvented Android. Taking screen shots was a little cumbersome because you have to press the up volume and the power key which are both on the back of the phone.
You can easily switch between front and back camera, add a grid, set a timer, and of course change the resolution of the image you're taking. After much success with non smart phones, Straight Talk decided to catch up to the rest of the world with Nokia E 71 smart phone.
The staff is friendly, well trained, and there to help you choose the best phones and accessories that are right for you.

You only pay for what you use and get money back towards your next months bill for what is not used. I live in South Jersey with my husband of 8 years and our three beautiful girls, 9, 10, and 13.
You get a little over 4GB of internal storage and of course, you can add an additional SD card up to 32GB to expand your storage. There are lots of downsides to owning a phone like this but also lots of upsides such as: durability, privacy, and simplicity. From what we can tell, this phone has about a 4 inch screen and mid level screen resolution.
It is currently available at Walmart for $99.00 and has a very good track record with other carriers. The form and function are both ergonomically pleasing and if you've seen or used a G3 or G4, then you know what we're referring to. The 1.2 quad core processor is more than enough to power the LG Destiny and the fact that it runs Lollipop, makes it our favorit new Straight Talk addition not only for the value but also style and performance. This can come in handy when you want to lend the phone to someone but you do not want them to have full access. If you have replaced your landline with a cell phone but are tired of the crazy high bills that comes along with it, Zact is an excellent option especially if you have a child that has been wanting a cell phone. Zact is a no contract cellular service with nationwide coverage that allows you to customize your plan right from your device. Blogging has been a huge passion of mine and I truly enjoy sharing this journey with my wonderful readers. If you're like lots of people who are trying to "disconnect" from their smartphones, and value privacy, this phone might be for you. A 3G or 4G will set you back three to four hundred dollars, the LG Treasure LTE will surely be more affordable and you get the more affordable version of the aforementioned. You can also write quick memos by pressing and holding the volume up key when the screen is turned off using the back keys. I know with the holidays right around the corner a cell phone is on most of our kids lists. Parents are in complete control and can set daily talk, text, and data limits plus set times when the child can use certain apps. Since the LG 329G does not have an advance operating system, there is very low likelihood of being spied on or tracked. Featuring Lollipop Android version 5.1 and you get all the advancements that LG has to offer.
There is a movement to bringing back phones like these including flip style phones that were all the rage in the 80's and 90's. The 8MP camera is better than most phones in the price range and the Samsung quality is far superior than the other new phones from Straight Talk. The battery can also be removed which is a good feature in case the phone stops responding (doesn't usually happen).

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