This is an educational guide to unlock a Nokia cellphone via the generic mastercode for free of charge! Also including some of the common GSM secret codes used by most mobile phone manufactures such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola, etc. How to unlock a Nokia cellphone that locked by a network service provider or telco provider? Please take note that unlock a cellphone that bound to a contract or sponsored by network service provider might be illegal!
The NokiaFree user interface is quite straight-forwards, except that some of you might not know what is IMEI code of a Nokia cellphone. DCT4 simply refers to the platform and technology (particularly security) used by a Nokia cellphone. If your Nokia model is not explicitly shown in the list, you may need to select the correspondent Nokia cellphone generation code, that’s DCT1, DCT2, DCT3, or DCT4. Having say that, NokiaFree is only working for Nokia cellphone of DCT1 to DCT4 generation, but NOT able to generate unlock code for Nokia N-Series (such as Nokia N73) or Nokia E-series (such as Nokia E50), which is categorized in Nokia BB5.0 generation.
As shown by NokiaFree Help dialog (by pressing the Help button), there are only five chances to get the correct unlock code to successfully unlock a Nokia cellphone!
While enable both PIN code and Nokia security code (lock code) are essential to safeguard the interest of a cellphone owner, it could be a nightmare if you happen to forget them!
Although, there are master codes used to unlock or reset the forgotten SIM card PIN code or Nokia security lock code. In the case of forgotten PIN code, you need to get the PUK code (Personal Unblocking Key) from SIM card provider (normally it’s the cellphone network provider, such as T-Mobile, Vadafone, O2, Orange, Cingular, etc) to unblock the locked SIM card.

To unlock a forgotten Nokia security lock code, you need to get the 10-digits Nokia master code that’s generated based on respective IMEI code of the phone. Of course, *#06# is the most common GSM secret code, which retrieves IMEI code of a Nokia cellphone (and most other brands such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc). I’ m not sure that Dejan Kaljevic has came out a working BaseBand5 (BB5) unlock tool box. If the information is is changed (ie lock status) the phone will recognise this and will not switch on. The security system of the phone will apply a reset to the phone after 3 minutes if the security certificate is missing.
I got the new nokia 3120 classic in Europe I tried to unlocked already but I was told in 3 different places that this phone cannot be unlock yet anywhere in the world its that true?
Normally, once the IMEI is locked by one telco, the rest of the local telcos will follow as well. If it ask for new PIN code after you enter PUK code, meaning you’ve to enter a new PIN code as prompted.
NokiaFree is used to calculate the Nokia unlock code of most Nokia cellphone, ranging from Nokia DCT1 to DCT4 generation, with a wide coverage on most cellphone network service providers around the world. The IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique serial number tagged with each cellphone. NokiaFree is well coded to unlock most, if not all, of the Nokia cellphone up to DCT4 generation. After that, it’s only able to unlock the Nokia cellphone via data cable (extra dollars to pay for expertise services)!

Also, both PIN code and Nokia security lock code will be locked if you’ve entered wrong password for a limited number of tries!
Ask yourself this, how much will your Service Profider Charge to unlock it, and can you afford it or would you rather pay even more for a new (unlocked) phone….
It’s identical to the All Calls duration (Menu -> Application -> Log -> Call Duration -> All Calls). I have all my friends birthdays and contacts on it and now i can’t send my New Years Greetings to my Friends. I have bought a Nokia 2730 classic prepaid off my sister that is locked to vodafone and I want to unlock it so I can put my Optus sim in it. The Nokia security code, also known as Lock code, is the password used to protect Nokia cellphone from unauthorized access. This name is codename used by Nokia to describe very good Texas Instrument integrtaed prcosseor developed for mobile solutions.
Is there anyway that I can unlock it the right way…without sending it in or paying an arm and a leg.

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