Thomas married Alace DUNAN, daughter of Hayes DUNAN and Fanny HUTCHINS, on 15 May 1884 in Utica, Illinois. Edward married Harriet Belden GOODRICH, daughter of James Blinn GOODRICH and Ann Jeanette RISLEY, on 11 Jun 1895 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. LETTERS TO AND FROM CARLOS AVERY are included in a Pennsylvania Historical Museum collection of manuscrips (Group 161) in the John M. Carlos married Emma Irene PENNOYER, daughter of Harmon PENNOYER and Mary, in Greenleaf, Minnesota. Amos married Grace Estella EYNON, daughter of Ambrose EYNON and Luella SCOTT, on 6 Jun 1906 in Stewart, Minnesota.
Winfield also married (2) Amanda Marie SEHLOBOHM, daughter of Felix SEHLOBOHM and Joanna ROTH, on 5 Oct 1909 in Elyrin, Lorain Co., Ohio.
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Streeter, former resident of Enterprise, of the death of her brother, Carlos Avery, president of the American Game Protective and Propagation association with office in New York City. Phillips was a noted conservationist in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, as well as president of Phillips Mine Supply Company.
Winchester, born Colchester, Conn., age 18, daughter of Edgar Winchester & Lydia Raymond, George H. They put two bales of wool on the wagon if they raised the elevator up to the level of the wagon.
They got the elevator started but could not stop it and it went to the second floor where it was held by the bales of wool that hung over the side. Avery was born in Illinois and was 62 years old and was survived by his mother, his widow, tow brotheres and one sister, Mrs. Eccleston tried to get the elevator free and in doing so the wool was forced out of the elevator and he himself lost his balance and fell and was crushed by the elevator and his body dripped to the floor of the elevator well.
Avery was publisher of a newspaper in Hutchinson and had held many offices in that city and in Minnesota and for six years had been at the head of the game protection association.

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