Lebara UK - Plus plans give you more UK talk and text and a massive data network stretching to 99% of the population. Please insert the sim card into your phone and power it on approximately 1 week before travel. Call 5588 from your Lebara number and when you hear the voice prompt select option 1 and follow the easy instructions.
Lebara UK Customer Service is available at +44 (0870) 075 5588 or "5588" from your Lebara line. Skype is similar to iPhone’s Facetime app, but a bit more universal since you can use it on any type of computer or smartphone, new or old. We use Skype to call phones around the world about 40-80 minutes per month, which only costs us a few dollars.
Click on the phone icon, or the dialpad on your iphone, to call a phone anywhere in the world.
Next, click on the flag icon, or country name on an iPhone, to choose which country you want to call. Lastly, type in the phone number WITHOUT the country code – Skype puts it in automatically for you.
You can buy a Skype telephone number that is local to where you used to live (in the US, etc.).

Skype offers discounted monthly plans that start with a few hundred minutes per month and go up to unlimited minutes.
Google Voice has an app for smartphones, but uses a funny trick where you put in the phone number and it calls you with the connection.
I prefer Skype for calling other countries because it is simple to use, it’s been around long enough to get the bugs worked out, and only requires an internet connection.
Leave a comment below if you have a tip or trick to call other countries that has worked well for you!
If your friends have Skype too, you can use Skype to call them in other countries for FREE.
We just use the basic pre-paid service and pay as we go and only have to add $10 to our account every few months or so.
In addition, you can call numbers in other countries starting with these prefixes for free, even if you don’t have Skype Credit.
That means you can give it to your friends, families, and business contacts so they can contact you by just dialing a local number for them. If you want to show someone else the joys of Skype and how simple it is to use, you can always buy them a gift card.
This is very confusing, especially in another country, and it still requires you to have a functioning US phone number.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. You'll get a printed voucher, or a voucher by email that looks like a receipt with a 16 digit number printed on it. That’s amazing considering most call stores or pay phones will charge you from 50 cents to a dollar or more per minute.
Keep in mind that many countries have a different number of digits than you may be used to.
Skype will ring you wherever you are around the world, and people will think you’re just across town! They offer a service similar to Skype, but it runs in your internet browser next to Gmail and all your other Google fav’s.
Argentina, on the other hand has anywhere from 7 to 12 digits depending on the type of phone line.

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