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Many people have heard the term DNS (Domain Name Service) without understanding what it means or what it does. Let us presume that you are sitting at your computer and that you are connected to the Internet. I don't think that any of us would win too many prizes for correctly guessing which of these two methods the Internet is capable of using. Human beings would soon realise their limitations if the had to use IP Addresses all the time to make their Internet connections, so a system was developed called DNS (Domain Name Service) which enables humans to make their Internet connections using human type names and descriptions (i.e. The best analogy I can use to describe DNS is to compare it to telephone directories, the difference being that telephone directories are based on a geographical area (e.g.
At this stage I am going to to jump ahead a little to tell you that the Domain Name Service has special Host servers dotted around the Internet and that there are three different types of these (DNS) nameservers. ROOT NAME SERVERSThese are the top level servers in the DNS system and their are only thirteen of these rootservers throughout the world. PRIMARY NAME SERVERSA primary name server controls the DNS database for a given top-level domain (e.g.
LOCAL NAME SERVERSLocal name servers are your point of contact with the DNS system (more of that later).
If you remember our earlier discussion the browser only has one link to the outside world, which is to your ISP's computer that handles your connection to the Internet and this computer only understands and accepts IP Addresses.
These two IP Addresses both point to DNS local name servers (not DNS root name servers or DNS primary name servers) and so that you can start to put DNS local name servers into context I am going to tell you a secret. Before trying this make sure that you carefully take a note of both IP Addresses so that if you later make a mistake and get into trouble you can revert to the original configuration.
Web-Wise-Wizard - DNS Simply Explained Most have heard of DNS (Domain Name Service) without understanding what it means or what it does.

If you find this page interesting or useful then others are likely to view it in exactly the same way. D2 Digital: A Beginners Guide to DNSThe issue is how to communicate with each individual computer located anywhere in the World. You decide that you would like to visit W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium Website which may be thousands of miles away, across oceans and continents. You type an IP Address into your browsers Address bar and the browser transmits this IP Address to the computer belonging to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that controls your connection to the Internet.
A root server is there to control a database that contains the location of DNS primary name servers for every top-level domain in the world (e.g. When you first type your URL into the browsers Address bar how does the browser know how to find a DNS local name server to start the process of converting your target domain name into an IP Address? In Windows NT these are called Primary DNS and Secondary DNS and the adjoining graphic demonstrates their usage. If you are having problems with your Internet connection, especially at peak times, there is a more than even chance that the problem lies with your DNS local name server being overloaded and not your target 'http' server which usually gets the blame.
If for example, your ISP has 10,000 Internet connections and they are all using the same primary DNS local name server at the same time then swapping the IP Addresses around could mean that you get exclusive usage of the secondary DNS local name server.
Yet DNS is essential to the easy operation of the Internet and without it things would be a real mess.
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There are two different methods that you can use to achieve this, one primarily designed for human beings and the other primarily designed for computers and the Internet. The ISP's computer then routes you through the Internet to connect you to your destination (e.g. This does not bode well for DNS in the longer term but in the meantime it's the only system we have and it does work fairly well.

Strictly speaking only one of these IP Addresses is necessary but the rules of the Internet dictate that DNS servers must always operate in pairs, in case one breaks down or becomes unavailable. Alternatively, you might like to use our New Dynamic Link Generator to create a link that more fully meets your own particular requirements.
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DNS uses a system of name resolution is the Internet equivalent of a telephone directory and this Internet DNS tutorial demonstrates how it operates. You should remember that there are literally hundreds of top-level domains, many that you are probably not even aware of (e.g. They split the domain name and start by sending the top-level portion of the domain name (e.g. This howto is intended to unravel in simple terms, what DNS is and how it works but you should note that it does not cover dynamic DNS which is a different subject. Yet from your point of view they will both achieve an identical end result, that is to connect you to the World Wide Web Consortium Website.
Apart from controlling your access to the Internet this routing is the only job that the ISP's computer does, and it cannot understand domain names. We have provided the adjoining graphic to illustrate this and if you would like to try both options for yourself then please do so.
The other difference is that DNS returns an IP Address (number) from a domain name, whereas telephone directories return a telephone number from a persons name. The root name server looks-up and returns the address of the DNS primary name server that contains the corresponding database for that top-level domain.

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