GARDEN PARTYWORKERS TEAM DAYSTORE PROMOTIONSCHOOL EDUCATIONSURPRISE PARTYNIGHT CLUB PROMOTIONETC. The concept of "Steelasophical" is one of utilising the steeldrum to perform musical repertoire in and outside that of the expected Caribbean flavour to introduce a new kind of music lover to the instrument by playing music that each person can easily identify with. He started to play music 18 years ago, his father taught him the basics of the steelpan and over the next few years he quickly progressed to playing with the professionals at the concerts, parties, carnivals etc. Participating in National Solo competitions and performing live with a large number of bands around the country.

He won his first Solo competition trophy, presented to him by the High Commissioner of Trinidad &.
He also participated in the national Steelband Music Festival, he now perform solo with self-produced backing tracks, he compose and arrange his own songs, and have carried out a number of steeldrum workshops in educational establishments. He has a great passion for all forms of music and thoroughly enjoys performing in front of audiences. He then develop a reputation of his own music, has since then taken him forward to playing with the very top-level steel pan players in Europe.

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