If you want to find out who called you, but don't want them to know that you are trying to find out who they are, a great idea is to use a friends phone to call the person and get to voicemail.
Cell and home phone numbers are great because the first three numbers usually point to where the caller's phone number is registered.
Facebook has become a valuable tool in determining the identity of someone who calls you, it should be a first resort to find out out who called you.
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Once in voicemail, if they have a customer greeting it should say who they are, and to leave a callback number. Look up records from the comfort of your home with your desktop computer, laptop or tablet.
This will give you an idea wether the person is male or female, and if they have a regular phone number or a Google Voice number too. Use the table below to find out what state the caller is from, match the first three digits of the phone number and you will reverse search the state where the caller is from.

You WILL NEED a Facebook account to use this method, Facebook does not allow you to search without first having an account.

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