But with iPhone apps like TrueCaller, you can block them all and let things manage themselves.
TrueCaller usually pulls data from public directories but it also relies heavily on data collected from users who report spam calls.
With a large, international database, which also focuses on country-specific spam callers, TrueCaller will completely enable you to evade spam calls. For a lot of users - including us here at iGB - iMessage often goes berserk and doesn't work at all.
WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app with over 800 million users around the world. That was the massive task they set out to carry out and after several months and three years, TrueCaller has turned out to be the best call identification service you can ever get.

A mammoth database of several billion numbers identified and rated according to what they are. I do have some reservations though as TrueCaller (upon being given permission to access your contacts for updating information) can easily hook the contact information to its database.
You are only notified of who’s calling you so you can decide to pick or miss the call.
Due to this, it has been banned in Great Britain where reverse lookup isn’t legal yet. With all the technology and number of companies exploiting the telecom opportunity to reach several million cellphone users, spam calls continue to rise exponentially. Over time, the list has grown to include almost every known and unknown spam and marketing callers who pester cellphone users throughout the day.

In fact, that’s how you find that even without my knowledge, my number would be up on their database because a friend of mine installed and uses TrueCaller. In other words, you have to go to your recent call list to see if the call was spam or not.

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