We have Sheeday Doll Teddy kabooter wale, Maharaja Rustam Ali Khan Rampuri wale, Falcon lizard wale, and Jurray, Kamagger. Many of our apartment, and daughters came down, took boys, part of the house and furnished rooms to rent.
Before you call on my mobile phone does not, please send your requirements to my mailing address.

Baroud to waley, G - 3, some strains are known by us ourself a record holder in the Ares different in all parts of Pakistan, such as B - 52, Commando, Falcon, G - 3, Super Star. The negotiations can be conducted, and I want to introduce the species that provided the basis for the Ustaad of old and new techniques to improve the whole country, and the different strains that I have mentioned and many others are available on different prices, and any buyer can contact me at my cell no.

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