If you need more help finding the number on the iPhone, you can go here:  Apple Support Document.
Never buy another smartphone, iPhone, or other device without knowing FOR SURE if it is not blacklisted, or on another account.
It’s Hard To Tell Just How Amazing The New Apple iPhone 6 Will Be, But This Video Will Make You Drool! Swappa is a website that’s been around since 2011 designed to help you buy and sell mobile devices.
People in any location can purchase devices from Swappa, but sellers may state in their listing that they don’t ship internationally.
After reading about the features you have mentioned in the post, its looks a good website for selling the phones.
Hi Luis, Yes, whether you want to buy or sell a smartphone, you should check out Swappa to see if it’s the best resale site for you. I haven’t visited the site yet Carolyn but I wouldn’t think that anyone would want to purchase our old flip phones would you?
You can also check with your local electronics retailer such as Best Buy or Radio Shack to see if there are any cell phone donation programs in your area. Hi Frank, Yes, if you’re selling your gently used tech, Swappa can be an easy, efficient and inexpensive way to list your device. Hi Dankas, Yes, I’ve heard of people buying phones or iPads and what they got was an empty box.
Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently published this awesome post..Fun Apps to Make You Look Fabulous or Hideous! Swappa sounds like a really cool place for people to buy and sell phones if they’ve been kind to them.
By the time I get the chance to upgrade mine, I don’t think many people will want to buy it after the kids have had their hands on it.

Still, if I was ever to consider actually buying a phone this site sounds pretty good, as long as they deal with Aussies that is. This site seems interesting, I’m gonna visit it now and see if I can sell someting here. Online meid converter - convert esn,meid, imei , This website allows for the online coversion of esn, meid, and imei serial numbers associated with cdma phones.
7 ways find imei meid number mobile phone, How find imei meid number mobile phone. Lg leon lte price, specifications, features, comparison, Lg leon lte smartphone was launched in march 2015.. Lg lucid specs - phone arena, Lg lucid lte enabled android 2.3 smartphone verizon wireless. The site started off dealing exclusively with Android devices but now includes all sorts of mobile devices including iPads,¬†iPhones and Kindle Fires. This isn’t a guarantee that the listing is legit, but that the listing meets Swappa guidelines. You can browse through the listed devices on the home page or search for a specific device. Also included in the listing is the reviewers’ rating of the seller, the condition of the phone, whether the device has been modified, how many times the listing has been viewed, and photos. They won’t have either the Facebook phone or the T-Mobile iPhone yet, but check back in a month or two and those phones may start appearing on Swappa. As PayPal is the only payment method accepted by Swappa, all transactions have to go through PayPal. Yes, this is an easy way to turn your gently used phones into cash into your PayPal account.
I usually wait until my contract runs out and then I get a new one which always comes with a new phones.

I heard about Swappa from a Wonder of Tech reader who has used it frequently and highly recommends the service. If you don’t want to wait two years until your contract is up to get a new phone, the Swappa is a great way to trade up I expensively.
Buyers pay a $10 fee when they purchase a device which is included in the price of a device.
If you want international shipping, check with the seller ahead of time to make sure that shipping is available to your country. Also check out phones you can use with Facebook Home, such as the Samsung Galaxy 3 and Note 2 that are listed on Swappa. Anyway, this is a good option if I can’t find devices in local online buy and sell sites. I just got the Droid DNA not too long ago so I’m not in the market for a new one for a while yet. For example, if a seller lists a phone for $210, the buyer will see a listed price of $220. You can search the site for devices for your carrier, or by top sellers, country, 4G, keyboard, unlocked, Apple or by the specific name of your device.
The seller also lists whether accessories such as charge cords, cables or cases are included with the device.

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