This checker is also a good way of telling whether you’re buying a real or fake iPhone. In this text guide check out how to change Snapchat mobile number associated with your account.
Are you a Snapchat account holder and amid the 4.6 million users whose database for the app that carries crucial details like phone numbers etc has been recently leaked? What’s happened is that Snaphat phone numbers have been censored by the hackers so the phone numbers can be sold.
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If you enter the IMEI for newer models, the status will return as unknown although possibly you might get other details shown such as purchase date etc. Get Instant Access to owner information, address history, location details, household members and more for any phone number. Coverage also includes cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers, 800 numbers, business & residential landlines. Not only have the hackers picked this database they’re offering it on web to anyone interested.
Phone numbers can indicate user’s geographical location including country code and usernames can allow troublesome characters to look you up on other Social networking sites like Facebook.

How does it affect you and how can you change Snapchat phone number associated with your account? This is guide also works on popular Android phones like Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, Sony Xperia Z2, Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 or any Android based phone.

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