DogHouse Diaries has compiled a pretty awesome map showing what each country leads the world in. Check out the map for yourself to find which countries lead the world in things like Pygmy Chimpanzees, drinking coffee and not killing themselves. Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. What kind of culturally insensitive asshole writes an article about geography and references Borat in regard to Kazakhstan?

China does well to contradict itself by leading the world in both CO2 emissions and renewable energy. While Burma has a stronghold on speaking its own language, Brazil has lost its claim to its own nuts. You you realize how harmful his unfunny shtick is to a post-Soviet republic trying to rebuild after decades of nuclear testing during the Cold War? This is no coincidence as Nigeria, where the novel takes place, produces more Yams than any other nation.

There's also a pretty cool story behind Bolivia's dominance, so if you're interested in South American nut economics you should read this from the New York Times.
The map can neither confirm nor deny that Kazakhstan is the number one exporter of potassium, although it does have lots of Uranium, which is not a fruit, but may be a vegetable because it has no seeds.

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