The yellow pages are the main tool for consumers in order to find the contact numbers of businesses in an area. The story of the yellow pages started in 1883 when a local printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming ran out of the regular white paper when printing the telephone directory.
The usual arrangement of the SuperPages and WorldPages is that all businesses and companies carried are categorized into geographical locations. The businesses will take the initiative to send the updated information to the offices of the publishers. Right now, the trend is going in favor of the online version of the All Pages and yellow pages.
Gethuman  - Lists phone numbers for businesses and tips for tracking down a real human in the maze of customer support. MSN Yellowpages - Find business phone numbers and addresses throughout the United States with this business directory.
Magic Yellow - Business phone number search and yellow pages directory, including popular categories and keyword search. YellowBot - Local business directory containing ratings and reviews from throughout the web. Yext- Online directories of local businesses helps in finding businesses or deals by category and zip code.
Superior Business Network - Offers online yellow pages and phone number directory for finding businesses locally or nationwide. AskCity- View maps and local business listings by name, key word, or location, or save your favorite searches.
The Yellow Pages – Online business directory with yellow pages, white pages, reverse phone, and public records search. YokelLocal and shopping search engine helps you find products or specific stores in your area. Yellowise – Local search directory that allows users to rate and review local business, leave comments and suggestions and offer feedback for any local business. Names and Numbers – Online business phone directory serving Missouri, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Idaho, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico. AOL Yellow Pages - National telephone number and business directory, including maps and directions to specific businesses.

Yellow Assistance - Online directory of local businesses with user ratings and reviews, residential phone directory, and reverse lookup. Windstream Yellow Pages - Offers nationwide yellow pages to find businesses and people in your local area. Directory Plus Colorado & New Mexico Yellow Pages - Yellow pages business directory serving New Mexico and Southwest Colorado. Ultimate Yellow Pages - Allows users to search many different online business phone number directories from a single interface. Village Lookup - Online yellow pages for finding street addresses and phone contact information of local businesses. United Directories - Provides national business to business yellow pages searchable by by city, state, category, keyword, or business name. Electronic Yellow Pages - Online yellow pages directory, offering business phone numbers, addresses, web sites, and email. ZipHip - Local business directory featuring local yellow page listings and businesses by keyword and location.
His mother, 55-year-old, Rajpali Awana stays in a single storeyed house in the narrow bylanes of the Harola village near Noida.
Rajpali and her elder son Ratinder are glued to their 14-inch television set, following the fortunes of her younger son Parvinder, who is playing his maiden season for the Kings XI Punjab in IPL-5. Since then, Parvinder has had a successful stint in the domestic circuit but the big stage continued to elude him.
Parvinder was initially called up by the Knight Riders, but failed to get an IPL contract. The businesses and other organizations that are listed on these pages are not arranged in alphabetical order; rather the entries are arranged by categories. This design feature can be found in the yellow pages that are found in Australia and United Kingdom.
Usually, a local phone company from the area will initiate the publishing of the yellow pages.
If the business decides to advertise with the publisher, then a special arrangement will be finalized including the payment arrangements.
Life has been a struggle for her ever since her husband Bishambhar passed away in 1999 but things are turning around.

Winning a talent hunt contest eventually paved the way for his debut in the Delhi Ranji team. But the big moment finally arrived earlier this season as he landed a deal with the Kings XI Punjab and the Harola boy has justified his selection, making the talent scouts sit up and take notice of his ability. For example, all food businesses will be listed together and all schools and academic institutions will be listed all together.
The common practice is that the yellow pages are published on a yearly basis and distributed for free. The common approach is to pay for th advertising costs months before the actual publishing of the materials. He caught the eye immediately, taking 12 wickets in five matches that helped Delhi become the champions for the first time since 1991-92. Right now, yellow pages will not just refer to the actual ‘books’ but all these can refer to online directories as well. The publishers can get income in the publishing of the yellow pages through advertising spots. Right now, the term yellow pages are widely used and understood to refer to the directories both online and the published ones. Consumers are now looking at the web to get information about products and services of the companies.
There are different terms used in different countries and regions that will simply refer to the yellow pages. If there’s a need to verify the contact information of the companies, then the web is also used as the main tool. Find local auto dealers, banks, hotels, restaurants, florists, department stores, hardware stores, and more. For example in Israel, the Netherlands, Romania and Belgium, these are known as the ‘golden pages.
The Japanese calls these as the ‘town page’ and in Sri Lanka, these are known as the ‘rainbow pages’.

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