You cannot listen to the pronunciation of dianhuahaoma because your browser does not support the audio element. Personalization can be in any date format (full date, year, month, etc.) or any number that you choose. Remember those little minutes waiting in line for your coffee or sitting in your car as you wait for your kid to finish with his piano lesson? By taking on daily habits, you can get into the groove of learning Chinese whenever you have time. This is easy to do during the leftover minutes of your lunch break or before you head to bed. It’s a good way to build your writing skills, and try to incorporate the vocabulary you learned yesterday into these sentences too.

This may be a little more difficult, as you’ll probably need someone to have a conversation with. If you don’t have a partner, try writing down some questions and seeing if you can answer them in Chinese. Listening practice is also essential to improving your Chinese, and possibly one of the easiest habits to pick up. Keep up the audio whenever possible, and even with it just in the background you could be improving your recognition and familiarity with the language. The rings are available in a full range of precious metals and in both one tone and two tone.
However, if you’re busy with work and errands and paying bills all day, where would you find the time?

Chinese audio could come in the form of music, news, or podcast, and you could be listening while in the car or on a run.
Eureka!  We’ve created a Chinese Symbol Date Ring!  A very exotic way to mark a wedding date or other special moment. Otherwise, you also have the option of keeping a Chinese book with you at all times, and you can just practice reading out loud while walking the dog or folding the laundry.

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