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Using this feature, you can block spam text messages and phone calls from telemarketers, spammers and the one who harass you without a reason. This trick is very handy especially when calling your network operator or someone in a company with an extension.
When you come across a text box containing long paragraphs with its own scroll bars and need to scroll the text inside the box, you usually tap inside the box and start scrolling. Nice features sincerely, yet it is too late for me while i bought already an android phone, man it is very nice and it has a lot of option equivalent to Mac technology. Egypt [Infographic] (12) Top 5 Design and Writing Mistakes (6) Top 5 iPhone Hidden Features and Shortcuts (6) How to Create a $15 Billion Business in 3 Years?
However, jail-broken or not, at least the kid has a great taste in smartphones, otherwise if he used an Android phone it would suck as much as I think his music does!
So, I am pretty much sure that you’ll be glad to know more about this feature like how to block text messages on iPhone in iOS 7 or it may be phone calls also. Now you are free from those annoying text messages and phone calls which comes daily without a reason.

Our main motto is to provide the latest updates about Android and iPhone OS including apps & games reviews and useful guides.
But still the iPhone is full of hidden features and shortcuts that you probably never knew about. Phone Number Pause feature in iPhone allows you to tell your iPhone to pause after calling a number and then dial another number.
But sometimes you need to write a sentence or an abbreviation as an example with uppercase letters. Share with us any hidden and not widely known features or shortcuts you know in the comments.
Obviously, we all are new to use this iOS 7, so to unveil and learn all the incurred features will take some days. Don’t forget to share this post with your nearest friends as well as you can also share your views in the below comments section. One more trick with this tiny button is that instead of tapping the caps lock button and then tapping the character, tap it and keep holding and drag to the desired character and you’ll get it in uppercase.
Clearly, a new feature is introduced to block certain phone numbers from sending you text messages or iMessages on your iPhone; in addition to that you can also block phone calls and Face Time too.

Using this option, iPhone will first dial 0678910, pauses until the call is answered, and then dials 1234 automatically. Aliquam convallis, enim quis commodo facilisis, nisl odio vehicula quam, vitae suscipit erat urna venenatis neque.
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