Jim Forbes Australian PoliticianAlexander James de Burgh "Jim" Forbes , CMG , MC (born 16 December 1923) is a former Australian politician.
Phil MickelsonPhilip Alfred Mickelson (born June 16, 1970) is an American professional golfer .
Ethan Trex has posted the answer to a question I used to ask as a kid, why do TV shows and movies use the numbers 555 to begin a fake telephone number?

In the book Easy as Pi: The Countless Ways We Use Numbers Every Day, author Jamie Buchan speculates that the repeated digit may have made the combination memorable, which helped it gain traction. Since the early 1970s there’s been at least one 555 number callers can dial and get an answer—555-1212 is a standard number that rings directory assistance. Phil, I was a little scared for you today, you walked into snake country a couple of times after some wayward drives?

He graduated from the Royal Military College, Duntroon , in 1942, and enlisted there in the Australian Army .

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