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Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. Have you thought about the skills your grandparents had, but that are no longer common today? Can you remember more than three phone numbers by heart? Or the birthdays of friends and family? My grandmother surprised me when she recently told me that she remembers all family birth and death dates from 1890 to today. Unfortunately, most of us today can no longer sew on a button, let alone make complete garments.
There are many different types of knots, each suitable for a different use. When our grandparents were young, many learned to tie knots – and even practiced them - for fun. The young people that come to my house (I am a grandma) don't know any of the above and also don't know how to cook. While I agree that sewing and handwriting have become lost arts, I don't agree about map reading, knot typing and remembering things. Wrapping a parcel in brown paper and tying it with twine is a lost skill as is the convenience of being able to break the twine quickly using your hands only.. I can still do all 5 and most others suggested plus grow, preserve and cook food, fish for food, make beer and cider, change the oil in my car. Sewing by machine and by hand, as well as letter writing are OK but I never did learn 10 knots. While overseas for two years, I wrote handwritten letters to my family in friends so I'm good with #1. Can you make fruit jellies by boiling fruit and straining through a jelly bag (no squeezing allowed) and adding sugar and judging pectin required to make a superb conserve base for strawberries?

When my daughter emigrated with her children I gave them an audio cassette tape of my memories of childhood in the 1930s.
I can do all of the above, well perhaps not 10 different knots but at least 5.Before we were married my husband and I used to write to each other every other day as he lived in England and I lived in Northern Ireland, this was in the mid 1980's. I am amazed how many people born since the late 1960's don't know how to hand sew, machine sew or knit.
My three children are now in their 20's, they all know how to cook, sew and knit but only because I spent the time teaching them.
I know how to sew, bake, knit, wash clothes by hand, iron, I hate ironing but I know how to do it. I'm a 66 year old male and in this age of the push button we seem to have lost most manual skills. Bela, I know and do most of all of the above, as far as knots go, I mainly get my knickers in a knot nowadays.
I can't tie more than five knots, and I don't know many telephone numbers (I only know important ones like family members, the rest are in the telephone book). I learnt most of these skills from my parents (except for weaving, that was a personal interest, and cursive, which was an act of rebellion against the school).
I know I'm unusual for a teenager in having these skills, and I admit that some of them probably aren't skills your average 70-year-old would have, either (like weaving, for example).
2) I remember all my close family's phone numbers as well as the ones we used in previous households and hundreds of birthdays! 3)I made my stage costume, includingd darts, gathers, lace embellishments and a zip on a hand powered Singer sewing machine when I was 14! He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. While no longer requirements, these are skills that are still desirable and practical in today's world, depending on your profession or hobbies.
My children's generation don't know how to cook, hand wash clothes and dishes or occupy themselves without electronic devices.

Learning old skills is important, not doing so removes our connection with the past and that made us the innovative people we are. But I can do all the rest - sew a complete dress (by machine AND by hand - it's neater by hand), even if I hate buttonholes with a passion, write proper hand-written letters to a number of relatives (great fun when you're a little kid), read maps, etc.
My mother taught me to use a sewing machine when I was seven, and she had me using kiddy tapestry (big plastic squares and needles) at about two or three - and I was helping in the kitchen that young, too. But I do worry about some skills that I can see dying out, ones kids who are under ten now won't have as adults, such as writing cursive (or even having neat handwriting at all, since they type all the time), taking notes, doing research from books rather than on the internet, reading maps and co-ordinates (although I have to admit this is taught in school), and so forth. If I am first on line, I am away while even the automatics are still thinking about it and get strange looks when I change gears.
I was blessed with older parents who still had these skills - if they had been ten years younger when I was born, like most of my friends' parents, they wouldn't have had these skills and couldn't have passed them on to me. It's a very useful knot to know, as it forms a very secure knot that is easy to untie, even if it's been under severe stress. As I learned to drive at a time when there were only manuals that did not have speedo meters etc, you listened to your motor and when it sounded like top speed for that gear, you changed up one gear, between 1 and 2 you had to "double clutch" because the gears were not synchronised.
I can't drive manual because I'm not old enough to drive yet, but I have no doubt I'll learn in a manual. But it can come apart under a few circumstances, so it isn't recommended for critical applications, like mountain climbing. I have tried imagining life without (recorded) music, disposable diapers, washing machines, motorised transport, the internet, heating, lighting, flushing water, hygiene products, etc. Apart from that, I have lived life in a hurry out of necessity and was known as speedy conzales. Not that many people who have gotten used to these, will volunteer to give them up for the ability to tie a knot :) We are very fortunate indeed.

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