How Much Did Michael Strahan Know About His Girlfriend’s Criminal Record Going into Their Relationship? Since at least January, Michael Strahan has been dating a former striper with a confirmed criminal record.
The 44-year-old former New York Giants defensive end, who is worth an estimated $45 million, has been seen the 27-year-old Florida resident, simply known as Kayla, on a number of occasions, including a trip the the sandy beaches of St. At the age of 14, Kayla was arrested for disorderly conduct in her native Port Charlotte, Florida.
Then, in May 2005, at the age of 18, she was once again arrested in her hometown for grand theft after her and her boyfriend at the time allegedly stole $6,000 in jewels from Kayla’s own grandmother.
Since Strahan’s girlfriend was a minor at the time of both incidences, the matters were settled out of juvenile court and the legal outcomes are unavailable to the public.
While everyone deserves a second chance, especially if they were a minor at the time of their crimes which occurred over a decade ago, it begs the question of whether Strahan, or any of us for that matter, are truly up to speed on the person entering his life. With so many Blackberry and iPhone applications out there, sometimes college students forget the real reason they have a cell phone: to actually call people.

Credit Card Cancellation Numbers: If your credit card gets lost or stolen it is imperative that you call to cancel all of your cards immediately. ICE (In Case of Emergency): Emergency response teams and police officers are trained to look in phones for numbers stored under the alias ICE.
Local Locksmith: If you live in an apartment or drive a car, you should always have a reputable, reasonably-priced locksmith’s number handy so you don’t add additional stress to an already inconvenient situation. Local Towing Service or AAA: If you or someone you’re riding with gets a flat or the car breaks down, you want to have a reputable service in your phone so you don’t add stress or or prolong a sometimes unsafe situation.
Pharmacy: Most people don’t realize that doctors will call in your prescriptions for you, saving you time, so be sure to have your pharmacy number stored to easily pass along when you need a refill. University Campus Security: In most emergencies, you will simply call 911, but if you see something on campus that needs to be reported, the best method is contacting your local campus security police department as they can direct you from there on who to contact. You want to be prepared for every situation that may occur, and properly stocking your phone with important numbers can make the difference between a lot of hassle and a simple call.
With Kelly and Michael host called off his engagement to Nicole Mitchell, 48, Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife back in 2014.

Her late father Gerald Quick, who died at the age of 54 in 2012, had been arrested 19 times. Most people realize in the heat of the situation that the number to report a lost or stolen card is inconveniently only on the back of the credit card itself, so have it handy on your phone to avoid any delay. In the case of an emergency, it is important for bystanders to be able to get a hold of someone to alert them of the situation you are in (such as a car accident).
They often won’t call “mom” or “home” because students tend not to want to talk to other students’ parents unless absolutely necessary.

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