Boost Mobile lowers rates on International Connect plan that can be added to any Boost’s unlimited monthly plan for an extra $10 per month, in an attempt to offer the most affordable service on the market to its customers. Boost Mobile today announced two new additions to its prepaid offer, new handset and new unlimited plan that will be launched on the same day, July 10. Boost Mobile today announced a new promotional Unlimited Talk and Text plan that can be shrunk to $30 a month.
It is hard to identify what could be 3 best prepaid plans 2011 because many factors are involved in picking ones. Boost and Virgin Mobile, both subsidiaries of Sprint Nextel, lunched Deployed Military Program on Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2011. While other carriers are trying to become more competitive and gain new customers, Boost Mobile tries to get rid of theirs, sort of. What ones was 10 cents per minute or text, from now on will be 20 cents per minute for talk and 20 cents per text, sent or received. Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel has become one of the most competitive prepaid providers in prepaid industry, thanks to its flexible plans and pleasing offer of phones. Update: As from October 6th, a new $55 Android Monthly Unlimited plan is added to Boost Mobile’s already rich plans offer.
Please Click!TweetClick on the maps below to find the coverage area of the cell phone service you’re interested in. Boost Mobile offers extremely competitive prices and daily usage plans, but the inability to bring your own phone means switching to them will always cost you at least a little extra up front.
Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider with cheap plans and a huge variety of phones.
Boost's Data Boost monthly plan comes in three variants, with prices that vary with the amount of high-speed data you want.
Contract-based phone providers will always have the advantage over prepaid providers when it comes to phone selection. Keep in mind that whatever phone you buy, you'll have to pay its full, up-front retail cost. Boost Mobile's online offerings are fantastic, and you can complete all of your shopping without ever stepping into a store.
Boost Mobile offers some of the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans on the market and has a large list of available devices, including brand-new ones like the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Trying to find my husband's number My husband bought an LG phone and doesn't want to give me his new number.
Want QWERTY phone with bigger keys and bigger screen I use the common flip phone with camera. Transfer contract Sprint phone Hi, a reader, Pris, contacted me about using her old contract phone with a prepaid service. No complaints with Sanyo Mirro The phone is big but it's very easy to get around and seems well built. Regret getting Motorola i776 I got my phone like 5mths ago and I've had nothing but problems.
Bill not shrinking Not rated yetI have been paying my bill on time for over a year an better and there have not been any shrinkage. Love shrinking rate Not rated yetI love my Boost phone because of the shrinking bill and because it's an easy rate with no contract. Here are some other plans and phones that rely on the Sprint network and also have unlimited options. The Kyocera Kona from Virgin Mobile is compatible with the PayLo plans which have both pay as you go and unlimited text and voice options. Kajeet also offers Android phones with unlimited texting plans though you have to pay for data packages separately.

The second generation Moto X is currently offered at a discounted price on Motorola’s website.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless today announced a new promotion that offers discounted 4G and LTE phones to all customers, including those who switch to their service. Sprint MVNO RingPlus is running a new promotion, Legends 2, which offers couple of free plans for new subscribers or new lines of service. T-Mobile’s prepaid brand MetroPCS today announced new promotion for Sprint customers who switch to their service. New Cricket Switcher Promotion Gives Discounts On Moto E, Desire 520, Lumia 640 and Overture 2 Until Jan.
AT&T owned Cricket Wireless is starting a new year with new promotion for customers who port their phone number from another carrier to Cricket’s service.
Sprint MVNO FreedomPop is currently running a limited time Year End Sale promotion for customers who bring their own phone. TextNow Wireless, a cloud-based provider that relies on Sprint network for cellular service, is offering free and discounted smartphones this holiday season.
Sprint prepaid brand Virgin Mobile currently runs holiday promotion in which it offers 20% off of select Android smartphones.
The changes include making international calls to mobile phones in Mexico for just 5? per minute, which applies right away, as well as unlimited calling to all landlines in Mexico.
Regarding new handset, Boost Mobile adds BlackBerry Curve 9310 to its lineup, a BlackBerry that’s not the highest-end phone possible of its kind but still an improvement to the only RIM handset currently available, Curve 8530. What’s good offer for one user is not for another due to the bad coverage or no coverage at all, for example or if proper handset lacks.
This program helps to military men and women to put at least some things of their minds during their deployment overseas. Also, for the unlimited web add-on, you will pay 50 cents per day, which is more than double, it’s 70 percent increase. Boost Mobile unlimited plans offered by carrier are Monthly Unlimited for $50 a month, BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited for $60 a month and Daily Unlimited plan for $2 a day.
This plan is required with Android smartphones, for now Transform Ultra and from November 2nd, ZTE Warp. I recently switched over to a prepaid plan, but when I started researching plans on the internet, I quickly realized that most of the review sites were total spam.
However, Boost Mobile offers some excellent flagship phones, including the last-generation Apple iPhone and Samsung' Galaxy S5. Unlike contract carriers, Boost doesn't subsidize the cost of phones, which means the Galaxy S5 costs almost $600, rather than the $200 it would if you bought it on contract from a carrier. Should you prefer to talk with someone in person, however, the company's website has a store locator. Alternatively, if you've got a question about the plans, go ahead and ask away, and we'll do our best to answer.
I reside in Ohio and I am currently using boost mobile which is monthly Unlimited calls and text. Straight Talk coverage Boost Mobile relies on Sprint's CDMA network for its cell phone coverage and it's IDEN network for its walkie-talkie or push to talk coverage.
RingPlus Legends 2 promotion is available since yesterday, January 20 at 4pm local regional times until Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 4pm local regional times (4pm EST, 4pm CST, 4pm MST, and 4pm PST). MetroPCS starts Switching From Sprint promotion tomorrow, on January 21, 2016 and offers it to current Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile customers. New Cricket switcher promotion offers discounts on Motorola Moto E, HTC Desire 520, Microsoft Lumia 640 and ZTE Overture 2. This time, RingPlus runs CNET promotion for CES 2016 in which it offers free plans, data paid plan and free port-ins.

FreedomPop BYOD promotion offers free unlimited talk, unlimited text and 1GB of LTE data each month. This TextNow holiday sale is good since December 16, 2015 and it will end on January 1, 2016 at 12:00am EST so those interested still have time left to act.
Users can expect Boost Mobile Unlimited Talk and Text plan in all Boost Mobile retail locations starting March 29 until May 31.
However, in general, there are few cheap phone plans, not in term of the value alone but regarding what user gets with that plan, what level of freedom in using it. They will be able to suspend their accounts and to stop any Top-Up, payments or any automatic activities applied to it. The newest addition is very well thought through and drives users to stay with them for longer as well as to pay their bills on time and save that way. This plan will of course go with Shrinkage plan and by using this privilege, users will be able to lower their monthly bill down to $40 a month until 18 on-time payments.
Also, BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone comes with $60 monthly fee for unlimited voice, messaging and data that again, additionally can be reduced to as low as $45, for those who sing up to Shrinkage plan and pay 18 payments on time.
That promotion has since been discontinued, and so Boost is no longer the industry leader it once was. If you don't browse the web and rarely stream music or movies, 1GB should see you through the month without issue. You won't find any modern HTC phones or the latest Google Nexus device, but there are plenty of older smartphones available. And since you can't bring your own phone, you'll have to spend at least something up front for a new device. Either way, before you buy a phone you can browse the website's FAQs section, and customer service agents are available by email or over the phone. Were you able to bring your own device, we'd rate it higher in our comparisons; as it is, Boost is a worthy prepaid provider that's well worth consideration, especially if you already have the cash to buy a new phone up front. Those who switch from eligible carriers will get up to 50% discount on Sprint’s Family Share Pack pricing and a free 4G LTE smartphone. The promo is good from January 6 through January 9, 2016 until 12 Noon local regional time.
TextNow offers refurbished LG Tribute and LG Realm for free while brand new ones cost $9.99 each.
When period of deployment ends and they return to US, their accounts will be reactivated and they would be able to keep on using prepaid service as it was before leaving the US, including their old phone numbers. The addition is called Shrinkage plan and goes with Monthly Unlimited and BlackBerry Monthly Unlimited.
It remains, however, a powerful contender that is well worth consideration if you get good Sprint coverage. If, however, you're a heavy downloader who loves listening to Spotify or Pandora and watching Netflix movies on the go, expect to spring for the $45 plan.
The promo is intended for readers of CNET’s The Cheapskate by Rick Broida so signing up to one of the free plans requires sharing this article via social media.
Also, during this promotional period, phone activation that otherwise is charged $20, is free.

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