Today the corporate entities have to get our prior and informed consent to use the land and resources of our children. A dictatorship is when the rules of engagement in a democracy are changed without going to the people.
Canada’s resource extractors illegally run the corporation of Canada by violating our rights. PM Trudeau promised his partners that the illegal pipeline will go across Canada. After the biggest fire in Canadian history at Fort McMurray Alberta, he is already calling people back to work on the pipeline.
The UN Agenda 30 Depopulation program is still on the books. On Attaswapiskat village on James Bay, the Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett, said, in effect, ”I visited and tried to help them”. Scorched earth and removal is a colonial policy and still the battle plans of the war room of Indian Affairs. INDIAN policy is set by the military, to destroy anything that might be useful to the enemy, while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. Like the buffalo hunt, the economic basis of our lives is being destroyed to force us to submit. The CEOs of these oil, pipeline and development companies are firmly committed to getting rid of the INDIAN problem.
All our gold taken from Kirkland Lake, at the time the biggest gold mine in the world, is gone.
According to Admiralty laws, the CROWN thinks it has possession of everything and everyone on earth as their legal property!
We are real even though Canada and US fraudulently register or enroll us in their Admiralty system.
Some say they are going back to Fort McMurray because the bankers want them to imagine that everything is going to be the same as before. Our people have repeatedly warned the settlers of the coming disaster from their desecration of our mother. At the same time, Trudeau is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to kill men, women and children!
As the prophet Jimi Hendrix is asking Trudeau, “Look at the sky turn a hell-fire red. A business in Maidstone was the latest target of a scam after a man on the phone demanded cash under the guise of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). RCMP say the scammer called the business yesterday, April 21 claiming to be from the federal tax agency. Officers with the Maidstone RCMP detachment remind people to be aware of “phishing” scams, in which criminals pose as legitimate agencies to try to get victims’ personal information.

If anyone thinks they’ve been victimized, they’re asked to get in touch with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, [email protected]. Future business ventures will be based on the kaia’nere:kowa, where everyone serves nature. In fact, we natural people cannot sit at the table with subordinate artificially created illegal entities who rape our land.
Trudeau took an oath to the Queen, not to the people or to the land, so the CROWN can continue their illusion of freedom in their military corporation called Canada.
The Canadian military is attempting to crush our resistance by destroying our land and removing us. Took away our way of life, Tomahawk and bow and knife. Took away our native tongue, Taught their English to our young.
The mass murder [genocide] failed because we and our mother continue to co-exist to follow the kaia’nere:kowa. Three years ago Mark “Carnage” Carney vacated the Bank of Canada and went to the Bank of England with our assets. They decreed they own us, our names, birth certificates, drivers licenses, homes, property, businesses and land. The trees, rocks, four-leggeds, winged ones and the rest of our relations in nature will never play this “monopoly” game the bankers have instigated worldwide. Russians, we have never been a part of the Corporation of Canada that’s responsible for this devastation. According to RCMP, the man said the business owed the government money, and demanded it be paid.
The federal agency says it will never ask for a drivers licence, passport, or health card number. The RCMP has a scam information website with more information, while Canada Revenue Agency maintains its own site on security and fraud.
Please respect and abide by the house rules: Keep it clean, keep it civil, keep it truthful, stay on topic, be responsible, share your knowledge, and please suggest removal of comments that violate these standards.
Our newsroom abides by the RTNDA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and follows the Canadian Press Stylebook. The Liberal Party is now ramming through a bill to change election laws without a referendum of the people. Our minds are supposed to be totally colonized and we are to be assimilated into the corporate body politic.
According to the Declaration on the rights of Indigenous People signed by the corporation of Canada, the original people must now be asked for permission to do anything to them, their land, water and air.

The colony of Canada refused help from seven countries offering aid from Russia, US, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, Israel and Palestine to put out “the largest forest fire in Canadian history”.
Troops were deployed to protect railroad workers from the onkwe’hon:weh, who knew the railroad would mean further encroachment on their territory. They purport to give permission to their subjects to use their props according to certain time limits designated in their scripts [loans, mortgages, etc.].
Man-made scenarios are all planned by the bankers, every war, election, economic upturn and downturn, etc. We love our mother and every living thing she created, the birds, animals, fish, waters and vegetation.
They have registered ownership with the Corporation of Canada through permits, mortgages and licenses, which gives them the right to use this property for a limited time. He is in the job to finish what his father started in 1969, the “White Paper” to kill off the INDIANS for good.
It was set up by a CROWN charter and incorporated in 1867 – ISO #1366-2:CA, registered in the Vatican.
This violates the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights that he publicly signed in front of the world.
Prime Minister Trudeau and his business partners have a different agenda – to scorch the land and force us to move. Military outposts were put across the region, expanding white settlement on unceded territory. By 2024 they are trying to have us either assimilated or under lock and key or exterminated. They want control of all our assets, gold, diamonds, oil, minerals, land, trees, water, wind and every resource which are a part of us.
The creditors, whose land, resources and assets were stolen by the company, have to be paid first. Mining and oil companies are stripping the boreal forests, all life and removing people to exploit our resources. Canada’s charter is concerned about banking, railroads, oil, insurance companies, pipelines, real estate and so on to abuse our future children.

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