I'm looking for the term where they have the intake on the original exhaust side, and vice versa.
Uses a set of 750cc Honda motorcycle carbs on each side and exhausts vertically via individual stacks.
I'm betting that port shapes are inherently more efficient with the gas flow in the design direction--but--I could be VERY wrong.
Crower had some dominating Indy small block chevy engines that used Crower mechanical injection on the ex ports, and used the intake ports for ex. This is a recent commissioned reverse painted glass chandelier that is destined for a lovely new home on Kauai.
In many ways it’s hard to truly show how beautiful each one of these reverse painted glass chandeliers are in person.

She began her studies in painting, drawing, music and dance as a small child, excelling in all.
This piece features six birds of paradise in total including a section that is almost like a wreath of birds of paradise.
We decided that this piece would be multicolored like many of my tropical bird and flower chandeliers. Jenny won numerous awards as a young artist including four California Governor’s Medallions and four California State Seals, two each for art and dance.
Tropical themes are my forte—they are my chosen life-long artistic direction for my traditional oil and watercolor paintings. After receiving several scholarships, Jenny went on to study and receive her formal art degree through University of California,  Santa Cruz.

My hopes for this piece are that it will be enjoyed by my client and his family in their lovely new island home for generations to come. She lived and worked in Santa Cruz as a graphic designer and fine art painter for several years before re-locating to her family’s home town in the Delta. Jenny’s journey in reverse glass painting began in the early summer of 2007 and since then she has added her beautiful custom glass painted chandeliers to her line of oil and watercolor paintings.

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