It will be surprising for you to know that your name printed on PAN card will be stored differently in Income – Tax department database sometimes.
While trying to find out actual PAN card details, using the link Know your PAN card Number you will be asked to give your surname and date of birth with optional first name and middle name. Also, this would be helpful if you forget what name you have given while filling up PAN card application form.

I actually become MAD when i try to find this information and this is really a horrible task. No one is able to give precise information like this.More than that can you please provide information about how to navigate to the above link from IT web site home page?
I don't know why fuc*** the IT dept is not providing thse basic stuff in thier front page and faqs.

I beg them to make the site user friendly by conducting surveys with the users and provide enough FAQs soon.

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