Recently I faced a Network issue while working on Windows server 2012 operating system.The error message was followed. An Attempt to Resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. I get this message when I was adding a PC to a newly created Windows server 2012 domain controller. When we are trying to add a client in the domain, we always specify the domain name, domain controller resolves name in to IP and vice versa.
In order to work a Domain Server properly we should configure reverse lookup zone, forward lookup zone automatically created at the time of DNS server installation.
On windows 7 PC, An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. All windows installations include a command-line network utility that allows the user to make queries against the DNS server registered on the (domain) network.
After thinking I’d never bump into the issue again, a new installation of Server 2012 Essentials proved otherwise. After further investigation, it would appear the 2012 Essentials server logs several failed network login attempts whenever the computer is booted and connects to the network. Although this resolves the issue for me, it goes without saying that the Microsoft updates for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer still have bugs in them.

Make sure you’ve triple checked all your monitor configurations to see if that fixes Aero. Wie der Forward DNS Lookup funktioniert durfte wohl den meisten IT Fachleuten bekannt sein. In my next article I will explain How to create DNS Reverse look up zone in Windows 2012 Server.
Typically a user enters the name of a workstation or IP address and is returned either the IP or hostname depending on what is initially entered. This simply means that the DNS server does not have any information to determine the hostname of the IP. Sometimes the computer monitoring error was caused by a disabled Windows Firewall, while other times the error would appear and disappear on a rotating basis. After connecting one of the client systems to the 2012 Essentials domain, it wasn’t long before a new Computer Monitoring Error appeared.
I have narrowed it down to being an Active Directory, Certificate, or NTLM issue of some sort but am still attempting to provide a solution for others who may be experiencing a similar issue.
The Routing and Remote Access feature that allows for VPN connections to the target domain takes reservations in the DHCP server in blocks of 10. Even though I had long since disconnected the monitor, the driver software was still running on my system.

Running DisplayLink or Portrait monitors is a poor excuse for Aero breaking when it has worked fine all along until these updates. Unfortunately Microsoft has not updated the help documentation for this error message and there are still too many leads to pinpoint.
It would occasionally steal other computers’ IP addresses and cause conflicts on the network from consuming all of the lower IP range. As soon as I uninstalled the DisplayLink software and rebooted Aero Glass was successfully restored. Although there is a built in feature to set a static range, doing so prevented full connectivity to the subnet that the DHCP server and clients resided on. In some configurations the DNS server is only configured to do¬†forward lookup zones, which correlate hostnames to the corresponding IP addresses.

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