The company filed a UDRP with World Intellectual Property Organization against Kevin Ham’s Vertical Axis. The owner of the background check company registered the domain name in 1999, but apparently didn’t use it for the business until many years later. The Complainant made no attempt to demonstrate the existence of any rights prior to the registration of the Domain Name, nor any basis on which the Respondent could have been aware of the Complainant at the time of registration of the Domain Name.
Given the nature of the Policy and previously decided cases that the requirement of proving registration and use in bad faith is conjunctive the Complainant’s submissions that the Respondent registered the Domain Name in bad faith were arguments that had no reasonable prospects of success. Vegan shoe company Degani Designs, LLC DBA Chooze filed a UDRP against UK company Dot Zinc Limited with the National Arbitration Forum. I don’t doubt they have good intentions, but what they did with this cybersquatting filing was either highly uninformed or unethical.

This overseas respondent had to spend thousands on a Utah patent attorney to respond to this complaint. Stanek and Neil Brown found that E-Renter didn’t prove a lack of rights in the domain name, nor did it show that the domain name was registered and used in bad faith. The Complainant knew that the Domain Name was registered before the Complainant came into existence and close to 8 years before it acquired any registered rights in the E-RENTER Mark. The UDRP decision notes that the complainant was represented by Marc Blumberg, the company’s CEO. As long as there are money to be made in it, there will be at least some whoa€™d be doing it (Like how Google had many cases against those Gooogle or Gogle domain name owners). So the best way I believe (prevention is better than cure) is by securing typo, Plural, and reverse of your domain name…Typo— How many times have you misspelled the URL?

For example, Google must secure the typo for Gogle or Gooogle to ensure that the traffic is still going to them. Typoa€™s are very important especially to brandable domain names, because these are usually misspelled and not the easiest to remember. What youa€™d want is for someone to end up on your website and not on a Page full of Advertisements.

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