Bevor wir anfangen, mochte ich drauf hinweisen, dass die Anleitung nicht fur einen Produktivbetrieb genutzt werden sollte.
Dieser Beitrag wurde unter DNS, Windows Server abgelegt und mit 2012, DNS, erstellen, konfigurieren, Lookup, PTR, PTR Record, R2, Reverse, Server, Windows, Zone verschlagwortet. These are three types of zones in active directory 2008, which are forward lookup zones, reverse lookup zone and conditional forwarders. Primary zone is the read write copy of zone, this mean that if this zone answers the query then it is an authoritative answer. To understand stub zone suppose you have users in your network which are continuously accessing your business partner’s network, printer and other resources and this network is not manage by you.
Creating primary DNS zone in active directory is straightforward, open DNS from Administrative Tool. Reverse lookup zone allows the client to get the name of the corresponding IP address by querying, in reverse lookup zone we can create the PTR (Pointer) again any host.
By running a caching DNS server it will cache DNS locally so sites you visit often will not have to make a DNS query until the DNS record has expired. Another great benefit to running a internal DNS server is you can just type the name of a device like server, firewall, printer, basement-pc, or whatever you want to call your network devices.
Before we begin I am assuming you have an Ubuntu server running and configured with a static IP address.

You will need to be at the console of your Ubuntu server or have SSH setup and connected to your soon to be bind9 DNS server. At this time .rocks is not a top level domain on the internet, but it does not mean it won't be tommorow. When looking at our IP address the part we care about is the first three sets of octets (numbers). Now that we have defined what zone files to load when Bind starts, we need to create these files.
The three most common types of DNS records are Address (A Record), Canonical Name (CNAME), and Mail Exchanger (MX). Note: Leave the 0 off the front, so on numbers under ten like 01 would be 1 instead of 01 .
If you are looking for some more details on DNS and Bind O'Reilly has a really great book that I recommend. Then right click on forward lookup zone and click on new zone, click next to start this wizard.
In other word condition forwarder tells the DNS server that if you got the query for particular IP subnet then forwards this request to specific DNS server. There is no need to remember the IP addresses of the devices when you can just type the defined name.

If you want to use something else just make sure you replace in the following steps with your internal domain name.
We will also use CNAME records to map the name server01 to ubuntu-server and server02 to ubuntu-server2. Bitte haben Sie Verstandnis, dass ich nicht  ins Detail gehen kann, da das Thema DNS sehr umfangreich ist und den Rahmen dieses Blogeintrages sprengen wurde. Then it good to create a stub zone for these queries, which only contain the enough information to send your client to your partner’s DNS so that other DNS resolve your client queries.
I have noticed a huge improvement with my satellite internet connection just by running a local DNS caching server. So in this example we could use linux.test and not have to worry about that domain every being a real domain on the internet. In a later tutorial we will look at setting up DHCP to update our DNS records but for now we will just setup a basic DNS server.
You can manually set it on each machine or edit your DHCP server to hand this out with the IP addresses.

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