Tax day has come and gone, but if you own a phone (and we bet you all do), then you could still be targeted by the IRS phone scam.
The advice on how to avoid the IRS phone scam may seem obvious—don’t give them anything, not a single cent—but given the amount of people who’ve been taken by these scammers, we decided it’s worth offering some tips on how what to watch for and how to proceed if you do get one of these scam calls. The sheer amount of money that’s been taken along with the number of complaints that the Federal Trade Commission has received because of it was enough to prompt a congressional hearing yesterday. A congressional hearing is a start, but finding an immediate solution to the problem is a tough one. Call to demand immediate payment, nor will it call about taxes owed without first having mailed you a bill. Demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say you owe. Threaten to bring in local police or other law-enforcement groups to have you arrested for not paying. The IRS will tell you to give your report to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA). Instead, head straight to the TIGTA website and click the big red button in the upper-right corner (as seen below).
The form you’ll fill out is long and requires that you create a 5-digit pin from scratch (which you’ll either need to memorize or write down), but at least you’re getting the situation reported. This entry was posted in Phone Security Tips, Whitepages News and tagged IRS, IRS Phone Scam, Phone Scam, Reverse Phone Lookup.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If nothing is found in published directories, the reverse phone lookup tool will automatically search through hundreds of millions of public records as well as third party commercially available private databases.
SearchBug does not try and sell you a membership to a database that tells you it found information when it really didn’t. This entry was posted in phone and tagged current owner search, phone databases, phone lookup, phone lookup tool, reverse phone lookup, reverse telephone directory, telephone numbers, white pages. There are also cancellations at Bradley International Airport and the possibility around fire hydrants be cleared of snow to ensure easy access. Cell Spy Software records GPS positions every 30′, records every SMS and logs every call including phone numbers with durations. For anyone who missed our last post, this scam involves IRS impostors calling your phone and claiming that you owe the government money in back taxes.
Since you’re already wise to the scam, you know not to shell out any cash, but it’s still important to report the incident with the government. If you get a call from someone you think might be scamming you, then search the phone number. The ACLU has said that when law enforcement and So it begs the question: would you spy on your kids? They are pushy to say the least: You owe us money and we want it NOW via a prepaid credit card.

The search includes free access to published listings, something SearchBug Calls White Pages +, since they search more than just the regular white pages for free. If a number is valid and not found, the system will suggest alternate ways of locating the information. I eventually get in, and fortunately, I remember to turn off the ringer on my cell phone to avoid the 2005 Wimbledon embarrassment 16-year-old U.S.
If the answer is yes, CBS 6 wants to show you just how easy that is — in fact, there are house calls Major cell phone companies like Verizon also offer free monitoring software. These keys can let the US and UK spy agencies listen in on virtually any cell phone conversation without informing the user, the phone company, or the government of the country where the phone call is made in front of the UN, record every bit you .
Together with reports made by Whitepages users, the phone reputation team will tell you if a phone number is suspected of spam. It’ll tell you if a number is suspected of spam while they’re calling without you having to perform a reverse-phone lookup. That may all seem ridiculous, but those scare tactics are working, especially on the elderly and new citizens.

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